Dutch DJ RSCL Unveils Exciting New Releases Following the Success of Latest Single, “Echo”

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Dutch DJ/Producer RSCL when he visited the G-Shock popup studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He teased upcoming surprises for fans, shared his ADE experience, and even hopped on board for a funky ride in our Take 5 series!

Franklin van Beek, also recognized by the moniker RSCL (pronounced Rascal), is establishing himself in house music. Starting his journey as a house DJ in 2014, Franklin underwent a genre shift a few years later, gaining recognition as Frankie Ruscello within the dynamic Dutch urban scene. Realizing that his true musical destiny lay in house music, he boldly embraced a new beginning, reinventing himself under the alias RSCL.


His debut track, “Do It To Me,” released on Soave Dusk, garnered global acclaim, propelling him into a fruitful collaboration with fellow Dutch artists Mr. Belt & Wezol. Their joint venture, “Way It Is,” found a home on the renowned Spinnin’ Records, the largest dance label globally. This collaboration achieved remarkable success, amassing over 17 million streams on Spotify alone.

While dropping multiple tracks and performing in many shows in Italy, Bulgaria, and Holland, RSCL began crafting a distinctive sound identity in his music and DJ sets. Characterized by funky basslines, techy drums, the timeless M1 organ sound, and infectious vocals, his musical signature set him apart in the vibrant world of soundscapes.

After dedicating countless hours to the studio in recent months, RSCL is eager to unveil his latest creations. “My latest single, Echo, is doing really well, especially in the States. It is on the Billboard chart right now, so that’s very cool,” he shares. RSCL is also channeling his creative energy into remixing tracks for well-known artists, marking his collaboration with Revealed Recordings on Hardwell’s label. Notably, he’s set to release a fresh remix for Hardwell soon. Looking ahead, RSCL has an exciting lineup of singles planned for the upcoming months. “There are lots of singles coming up next year. EP next month with four club tracks. I mostly did more radio-ish records. And now I’m getting back to the roots with a dance EP like a club EP,” the DJ added.

With a profound grasp of music and an innate ability to set the crowd in motion, DJ RSCL unquestionably left an indelible mark during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023. When asked what the most unexpected experience he had on stage, RSCL answered, “Press the wrong button, and the music just dropped off.” Indeed, it is a DJ’s worst nightmare but a testament to living performances’ unpredictable and thrilling nature.

To learn more about RSCL, including how his musical tastes changed over the years, listen to our full interview below!

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