Dutch Duo Drove on ADE, Barcelona, and Their New EP ‘Take Me Somewhere.’

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Dutch-native duo Drove joined us at the KEF pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to talk about their experience at the Amsterdam Dance Event, their recent Spotify milestone and the release of their latest EP Take Me Somewhere.

Exciting up-and-comers in the dance space, Drove is a duo comprised of Teun Wouters and Eli Salomons, both natives of Den Helder in the Netherlands. They’ve been friends since high school, brought together by their love for EDM.


Drove’s passion for dance music has led to many unique musical projects and milestones, including collaborations with Dillon Francis and track releases through Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS. And, most recently, they released their brilliant 6-track EP Take Me Somewhere, accompanied by a live performance video in Barcelona.

Sitting down for an interview, Drove shared that they spent the night before supporting their friend and collaborator Dillon Francis’ set until the early morning hours. They tell us that one of their favorite parts of ADE is reconnecting with essential people, some of whom they might not have seen since the year before.

Having recently surpassed 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s clear that Drove’s sound is finding traction and an audience in this mega-dense industry. We asked them how it felt to hit such an important milestone: “It was really overwhelming. Of course, you always hop for it but you never expect it.”

During their interview, Drove also shared some behind-the-scenes intel on what it was like to film the live performance video for their new EP, Take Me Somewhere, at the top of Montjuic in Barcelona.

“We went to Barcelona, to a beautiful spot, from midnight to the morning. And we watched the sun rising slowly, it was amazing to play live and sing the songs.” ... “It was incredible to be on site while filming the video. One of our managers is from Barcelona, and he said to us like, almost tearing up, ‘I’ve never seen my city this beautiful.’ So it kind of hit home, it was very special”

Before the duo leaves, we ask them to participate in our Nexus Take 5 Segment, asking them a series of random, funny, or downright strange questions. Drove tells us that their most memorable live performance was in India and that the industry’s future will probably involve lots of AI and digital artists.

To learn more about Drove, their recent EP, and their worst pick-up line, check out our full and exclusive interview with the duo below.

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