Eddy Black has a Special Fondness for Music, and That’s What Keeps Him Going.

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DJ and producer Eddy Black graces us with his presence at the BPM Music pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He talks about his ADE Experience, teases the latest projects, and joins the fun in our Take 5 series!
Eddy Black was born in Kenya but now calls Switzerland his home. Being relatively new to the business, he was inspired to create electronic dance music by none other than Martin Garrix. However, he recently reached a new milestone by giving his first performance at the Amsterdam Music Event. “It’s a new experience for me, and first time in Amsterdam, first-time ADE,” the DJ remarked with delight.
Eddy Black
Eddy Black teases his new track, “Give Me Everything,” which is a collaboration with Kris Kiss and Norah B. “I try to make it like an STMPD RCRDS style, so a lot of grooves but the drop, it’s hard as well,” the Dj explained. The track was released on December 2 through Future House Cloud and is now available on a wide range of streaming platforms.
As we got to know Eddy Black better, we discovered his fondness for music. When asked how he keeps a positive mental health space, he answered, “Listening to music and, well, you know, I’m just in my room with my laptop, headphones on, and making music. That’s something that relaxes me.”
To learn more about Eddy Black, including how he would describe electronic music to someone deaf, listen to our full interview below!

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