EDM No More: Vato Gonzalez Interview ADE16

checked in with Vato Gonzalez during dance Event this past October. The record producer, songwriter, and DJ who is signed to Spinnin and DOORN records was in good spirits after a week of power networking and parties during ADE.  The “Dirty House” maker who reportedly quit Mainstream two years ago was doing so well in fact, his “Dirty House” Label parties have been selling out quicker he’s able to print any flyers.

Vato didn’t mince his words when discussing the end of EDM,  “Nobody knows (in what direction is heading these days), all these companies built up this recipe, with the same generic kind of music, and all the sudden the collective crowd of the world decided –we’re not doing this anymore.” He said, echoing the sentiment of many in the world that everything “sounds the same.” Vato is determined to continue making that sounds different, his unique blend of Urban, Deep-House and UK Bass has been paying off so far.

What inspires Vato to create new music? by not thinking. “the best way to produce is to literally stop thinking. Thinking is the absolute the worst thing a creative mind can do.” he tells us.

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