EDX #ADE 2017 : Interview

Family is very important to Maurizio Colellla, whom you may know as EDX.   Along with Nora en Pure and Croatia Squad, he is part of the Swedish DJ/producer collective Helvetic Nerds.  They recently toured Brazil, and EDX said traveling with them “made it a much better experience because its good to be with family.”  He spoke about the great moments at the festivals and what Brazil means to him.  “Brazil has been very close to me, it is one of the first countries I had a close connection to.” 

EDX is also close to the Netherlands and the Amsterdam Dance Event.  He first attended the ADE in 2002 after MIDEM.  After 15 years, the ADE “became something which is part of me, coming back to my family.”  He says that it “isn’t just work, it is a shared love of music.”

When you look up EDX online, the first thing that comes up is an online school.  When asked what he would teach in college, he said that he could “teach a lot of things, maybe international travel or travel logistics.”  Given everything he has learned and experience on his rigorous tour schedule, that’s a course every DJ should take.

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