Eelke Kleijn: The Most Important Thing Is Getting A Good Idea

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This year’s Amsterdam Dance Event was the perfect opportunity to chat with Dutch DJ/Producer Eelke Kleijn, and you’d better believe that here at Nexus Radio, we weren’t going to pass up the chance.

In many ways, Eelke Kleijn is an old-school DJ who’s never let the industry dictate his sound. From his first release in 2003 to his latest tracks and remixes, he’s always been sure of his goal to make the techno/house music that he wanted to make.

Eelke Kleijn
Take, for example, his upcoming remix of Laura Branigan’s “Self-Control.” When working with such an uncompromisingly ‘80s piece, many artists might be tempted to turn it into something short and pop-driven, but not Kleijn. Instead, his remix is set to be a ten-minute trance sensation. In his own words, it will be “dirty disco” and “a bit of an ode to how records used to be back in the nineties and early two-thousands.” The remix is planned to release in January and, if his usual work is anything to go by, will be a sure-fire hit with EDM lovers.
In other remix news, Kleijn also mentioned that a Joris Vooren Remix of his track “Transmission” would be coming out that week. In the time since the track has already gained 131K views on YouTube and has received a very positive reception.
Aside from his upcoming works, Kleijn also talked about his approach to playing on stage. Many DJs plan their sets out in advance, leaving only moderate room for improvisation on the night, but Kleijn is a big believer in responding to the audience.

“I never know what I’m going to play beforehand, so there’s a lot of preparation in sorting things according to key and then according to the genre. I’ll make one really large playlist with a couple hundred tracks in it and then I’ll order that in a way that I think will work together… And then, when I have all of that down, it just comes down to, you know, improvisation on stage.”

Eelke Kleijn is making precisely the kind of innovative, original techno music that drives the genre forward. His process encourages inspiration and creativity, and here at Nexus Radio, we can’t wait to see what he’ll bring us next.

To learn more about Eelke Kleijn – from his current work to his fast-food tastes – then check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview.

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