Elevating Beats: The Unforgettable Interview with Andy Zeet & Masenzolo

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In a mesmerizing rendezvous of talent and insights, DJ Ron from Nexus Radio delved into a captivating interview with Andy Zeet and Masenzolo at the CALPAK space during Nexus Lounge Miami. The conversation transcended boundaries, offering fans a glimpse into the minds and music of these dynamic artists.

Andy Zeet, known for his infectious beats and innovative soundscapes, shared his journey through music production and the evolution of his signature style. Masenzolo, with his rich musical background and passion for electronic music, added depth to the discussion with his unique perspective.


The interview kicked off with a reflection on Miami Music Week and the vibrant atmosphere of Nexus Lounge Miami. Travel essentials and must-have gadgets for music producers were discussed, giving aspiring artists valuable insights into the industry.

A highlight of the interview was the exploration of a new genre coined as Slap Trap, blending elements of trap music with a distinctive slap bass sound. Andy Zeet and Masenzolo delved into the creative process behind this genre, offering listeners a sneak peek into the future of electronic music.

Personal preferences and musical influences were also on the agenda, revealing the diverse inspirations that shape Andy Zeet and Masenzolo’s music. From favorite production tools to memorable career moments, each revelation added depth to their artistic journeys.

As the interview concluded, DJ Ron extended an invitation to fans to listen to the full interview, promising an immersive experience into the world of Andy Zeet and Masenzolo. The synergy of beats, insights, and passion showcased during the interview left a lasting impact, setting the stage for future collaborations and musical innovations.

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