“Energy and Passion”: Italian DJ Tava Talks ADE and Upcoming Releases

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Gianluca Tavani, better known by his artist name ‘Tava’, joined us at the Bowers & Wilkins pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. The Italian DJ and producer talked about upcoming releases, playing ADE parties, and took part in our Nexus Take-5 series.
Since purchasing his first DJ equipment in 2003, Tava has experimented in various genres and styles, playing psytrance parties in Sweden during the early aughts before transitioning to hardcore parties in the UK. Getting his inspiration from DJs like Kutsi, Technikal, and Fausto, Tava tells us that his “objective is to transmit a lot of energy and passion to the crowd.”
Recent singles from this eclectic artist include “What I Feel,” “Paparazzi,” and the intoxicating and bass-heavy “About You.” Tava tells us that his favorite release from the last couple of years is “Pump It Up,” which he produced in collaboration with Nari, Stefano Pain, and Luciana.
As part of our Nexus Take-5 Series, we asked Tava some quick-fire questions about his inspirations and background as a DJ. The producer tells us that if he were to spend the evening as someone else, he’d choose David Guetta; he also shares that his highlight of the year is playing London’s Ministry of Sound this past July with fellow ADE attendees KSHMR and RYU.
We asked Tava if he could remember the first MP3 he had purchased or downloaded. He shared that the first track he can remember downloading is Maurizio Gubellini and Stefano Pain’s “Thanks for the Add,” a techno club classic from 2007.
To learn more about Tava’s upcoming projects and experience visiting ADE for the second time, check out our full-length and exclusive interview below.

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