“Enjoy Yourself In Your Twenties”: Curbi on Getting Older, Amsterdam, and MMW

During Miami Music Week, we sat down with Curbi in the Level Awards Space at the Nexus Lounge Miami. The British and now Amsterdam-based DJ shared a little about the impetus behind his move to the techno capital, talked about enjoying your twenties, and answered a quick round of our rapid-fire question series, Nexus Take 5. 

At just 25 years old, Curbi has cemented himself as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene. With a relentless drive to craft his own distinct sound, he has quickly risen through the ranks, solidifying his position as a leading figure in the next generation of electronic music. Boasting an impressive catalog of nearly 75 releases over the past few years, Curbi’s tracks have dominated dance floors worldwide, earning him continuous chart success and a rapidly expanding fanbase.


His collaborations read like a who’s who of the industry, teaming up with luminaries such as Tchami, Zedd, AC Slater, and more. Notably, his collaboration with Supercell for the mobile game ‘Brawl Stars’ resulted in the creation of the Brawl Stars Anthem, showcasing Curbi’s versatility and appeal beyond traditional music platforms. With over 200 million streams on Spotify alone, Curbi’s music has resonated deeply with audiences, establishing him as a powerhouse in the electronic music landscape.

Sitting down with Manny Van Dahl, DJ Curbi shares that he’s been enjoying Miami Music Week so far, having already played a set the night before. Curbi moved to Amsterdam from his native UK five years ago, and we asked him about how the experience has benefited him thus far. 

"It's going really good," he shares, "It was a good decision. There are a lot more shows within the Bass House and Tech House region. That's the kind of house that I'm making. And it's just a really good hub to go around Europe."

Halfway through his twenties, Curbi is perfectly positioned to offer advice to young DJs just entering their third decade. His words are not just advice but a source of inspiration: 

"Enjoy yourself in your twenties, and don't be scared for the thirties. I hear so many people getting petrified at the end of their twenties for their thirties. But I see so many people in their thirties who are absolutely killing it."

Before he heads out, the DJ answers a quick round of our Nexus Take 5 series, where we ask our guests a series of rapid-fire questions that range from severe or funny to just plain odd. Curbi shares his thoughts on how music can influence how we dress, talks about his favorite toy as a child, and tells us a little bit about the passions outside of music that enrich his life. 

To hear more from Curbi, make sure to check out the full-length and exclusive interview below. This is just a glimpse of what’s to come, and we’re sure you’ll find the full interview even more fascinating. And, as always, make sure to follow us on Instagram @nexusradiodance for more exclusive interviews with dance music’s biggest artists. 

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