Eric Prydz, EDM phenomenon and showman extraordinaire has mesmerized the world with his amazing live performances over the past decade, when the Swede went all in to excite his fans with his very own creation, EPIC. Fans have since been more than excited to be part of an experience which is hard to describe in words.

Since its inception in 2012, the producer’s performance series strives to bring a fresh perspective to the electronic community, building a “technology-based extension” of his music with episodic upgrades and concepts. After hosting four fabulous editions over the past 5 years, Eric Prydz has again returned, and as with each time, much bigger and much better wizardry with EPIC 5.0. The EDM superstar has released his EPIC 5.0 stage on his Facebook page, and it is nothing short of absolute magic.

In a recent interview with Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio, where Eric describes his current 5.0 project, Eric assures fans “it’s going to blow your head off.” His 15,000 strong EPIC 5.0 show in London slated for the 27th May, 2017, is already a sell-out, and the EDM mainstay has announced a nine-day North American tour starting February 2017.

Check out the amazing visual pyrotechnics on his Facebook page here and in the video below –