Eurovision 2024 Everything We Know So Far


Eurovision 2024 Everything We Know So Far

It’s a new year and for us Eurovision fans that means it’s time to start getting excited as we gear up for another amazing contest. Set to be hosted in Malmö, Sweden, this year’s song contest marks Sweden’s seventh Eurovision and Malmö’s third.

But what can we expect from Eurovision 2024? And who will be participating?

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Sweden & Eurovision

Sweden has a long history of success in Eurovision, having won the competition seven times, tying them with Ireland for the most wins. As a rule, the winning country hosts the following year’s contest, meaning that they’ve also hosted Eurovision more times than anyone else, with two notable exceptions: Ireland – with whom they’re tied – and the UK, who have stepped in on four separate occasions to host the competition when other countries were unable to.

Over the years, Stockholm and Malmö have generally taken turns to host the competition for Sweden, with both having ample opportunity to show off their hosting prowess. Having last hosted the competition in 2016, and before that in 2013, it suffices to say that Sweden is old hands at this by now.

Indeed, many of the previous year’s production teams will be returning, including Contest Producer Christer Björkman and writing team Edward af Sillén and Daniel Réhn.

The Contestants

As always, nations from across Europe will be competing in the contest. That said, there will be a couple of notable absences.

Russia has been officially excluded from the competition since 2022 due to its ongoing war with Ukraine. Romania is yet to be confirmed; however, at this point, talks are ongoing.

At present, 37 countries have been officially announced as taking part.

When Will Malmö 2024 Take Place?

The competition is set to take place in May with two semi-finals on the 7th and the 9th, respectively, followed by the Grand Final on Saturday the 11th. All shows will be broadcast at 21:00 CEST (European Summer Time) / 13:00 CST (North American Central Time Zone).

Early Predictions

While it’s far too early to make concrete predictions, several factors already may influence this year’s Eurovision.

First up, let’s talk about Ukraine. Since joining the competition in 2003, Ukraine has had a remarkable track record of success, with three wins already under its belt. On top of that, politics has always been a significant influence at Eurovision, and international sympathies are still very much with Ukraine. Many have suggested that this majorly influenced their 2022 win and could play a factor this year.

Another major voting influence could come from a significant anniversary marked by this year. Sweden began its dominant streak at Eurovision fifty years ago when ABBA won the competition with its iconic track Waterloo. With a strong entry, it’s entirely possible that they could take another win. That said, it might work against them as this would be their second win in a row – a rare but not unheard-of event.

Last but certainly not least, we should discuss the current favorite among bookies – the UK’s Olly Alexander. Although none offer strong odds on any contestant, Alexander is the present lead due to his star power, his string of hits, and his notable stage presence.

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