His radio show may be called the Dark Light sessions, but Fedde Le Grand is one of the most radiant and uplifting people you could ever meet. As one of the forefathers of the current “electro” movement (the game changing “Put Your Hands for Detroit” was released in 2006), Fedde has stayed on top of his game by focusing on his music.

This is truly evident with the evolution of his live shows. Fedde and his team incorporate a lot of theatrics with acrobats and dancers for a full-on production event. When asked if he would end up in Vegas with Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, he says that he wants to put on a show but not have it turned into a staged musical. This makes sense because as with everything else Fedde Le Grand does, he follows his heart and stays true to his fans.

Fedde confessed that he reunited with Ida Corr for another single. Ida and Fedde achieved worldwide success with their 2007 classic “Let Me Think About It.”