Canadian DJ and music producer Felix Cartal has had an eventful 2016; dropping a slew of releases “Fakin It” and his award-winning debut single “Keep Up” with Steph Jones. Keeping with the momentum, the music producer looks to close out his big year with another solid track “Falling Down”.

“Falling Down” starts out strong, and a minute into the song, things get really on top with some killer house textures. There are no strong lead vocal unlike his other singles and relies on a one-line vocal sample that references the single’s namesake, superbly chopped at the right areas. The catchy line combines with the music to create a head-nodding kind of music, which after one listen is hard to get rid off in the head.

With “Falling Down”, Felix Cartal brings on his best qualities to the DJ-booth, delivering a wonderful standout track, moreso proving why he is one of dance music’s more promising act.

Listen to the single below –