Felix Jaehn: Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Felix Jaehn Interview.

Ever since he charted at number one in more than fifty-five countries with his remix of OMI’s Cheerleader, the platinum-selling DJ and music producer Felix Jaehn whose real name is Felix Kurt Jähn has captured the attention of the international Electronic Dance Music community.

Jaehn, who started his DJ career at only age sixteen and has now accrued more than 2 billion streams (and counting), has made him one of the most sought-after DJs in 2019. His last single So Close, a collaboration with the Swedish duo NOTD, songstress Georgia Ku and Los Angeles-based trio Captain Cuts continues to simmer at mainstream Top-40 pop radio.

The German producer was recently in the BPM Supreme-Nexus Lounge Miami during Miami Music Week to promote his latest single with Alok and The Vamps called All the Lies. And he was very impressed with Nexus Radio host Adam Turner’s pronunciation of his last-name.

Adam Turner: This is Adam Turner here in the Nexus Lounge in Miami on Miami Beach and I’m joined by Felix Jaehn, how are you?

Felix Jaehn: Hey Man, what’s up? Thanks for having me.

Adam Turner: Did I pronounce your surname right?

Felix Jaehn: You did, I’m quite impressed. Like, there aren’t that many people who get it right [laughs].

Adam Turner: Is it German?

Felix Jaehn: It is German. We have the […], “a” with two dots on top of it. You don’t have that in the English language. That’s why a lot of people get confused.

Adam Turner: Where in Germany you from?

Felix Jaehn: I’m from Hamburg originally and now I live even further north by the sea in like a really small village, literally 80 people live there.

Adam Turner: So, how is your Miami (going)?

Felix Jaehn: It’s great. I love it. It’s actually the first time I’m in the warmth this year. I’ve been in Europe most of the time this year and it’s been freezing, so I’m enjoying the sun. I’m enjoying wearing shorts and I’ve actually been to the beach as well. The first day we got here, I woke up jet lagged at 6:00 AM and I called my photographer. I was like, ‘sorry to wake you up, but let’s go to the beach, watch the sunrise, take some epic shots and go for a swim.’ It was beautiful.

Adam Turner: Amazing. I mean, you’re not going to get that much of a chance to do that in Germany, so why not do it while you’re in Miami. How long are you here for? Are you here all week?

Felix Jaehn: I’m leaving on Friday, so tomorrow.

New Music.

Adam Turner: Are you going to play anywhere?

Felix Jaehn: I did an appearance together with Alok who’s also going to be here in a bit. We have a single out together, it’s called All The Lies, so that’s why I came basically, to promote that record.

Adam Turner: Fantastic. Let’s jump straight in. I’ve got five questions for you. So, what are the five essential things that you carry in your DJ bag?

Felix Jaehn: USB sticks, headphones, ear-savers (ear plugs), […] a generation of MacBook that I need a USBC to USB adapter [laughs]. It’s always in there.

Adam Turner: It sounds like a big bag [laughs].

Felix Jaehn: That’s just four (items on the list) though, isn’t it?

Adam Turner: Sorry. Yeah, you’re right. One more.

Felix Jaehn: ..and then (pause), that’s it. That’s all I need (pause) really [laughs]. I just need four things.

Adam Turner: What is your favorite Emoji?

Felix Jaehn: My favorite Emoji at the moment is the rocket. Because that’s like my vibe, let’s go to the top!

Adam Turner: I like it!

Felix Jaehn: Let’s skyrocket! Let’s go to the top!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Jaehn, who came out publicly as bi-sexual to a German newspaper recently, shared a few words to live by “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Adam Turner: If you had a time machine, Felix, where would you go? Which decade would you go back to?

Felix Jaehn: I think I wouldn’t go back.

Adam Turner: You’re going to go in the rocket forward?

Felix Jaehn: No, I was going to say I wouldn’t go back very far. I think I would go back to my childhood actually.

Adam Turner: When was that?

Felix Jaehn: I would go back like 15 years ago now, when I was like nine years old and just tell this little kid that everything’s gonna be okay, and don’t worry, and just be happy.

Adam Turner: Who do you stalk the most on Instagram?

Felix Jaehn: I don’t know. Who do I stalk? I don’t really stalk people. Like, there must be someone (thinking that) I ‘stalk’ right? Like, nobody believes me [laughs]. I must say, I don’t stalk [laughs].

Adam Turner: You know, when you hand over your phone to someone like ‘oh! Look at this on Instagram’ and they look at the who like the top follower is…

Felix Jaehn: Let me see who’s on top right now. It’s usually the artist that I collaborate with at the moment because I want to stay up to date with what they’re doing. I don’t use Instagram privately a lot because…..yeah, it’s NOTD at the moment, we have a song out together, it’s called So Close. There you go! [laughs]

Adam Turner: Oh! By the way, that’s an amazing record! I’m a big fan of it, it’s really good. I heard it on the radio in L.A. just last week.

Felix Jaehn: Sick! I heard it on the Uber here last night and I was really happy. Like, I asked the Uber driver ‘Do you like this song?’ I went all in.

Adam Turner: Last one (question) on the Take 5. What career path do you think you would have gone down if you didn’t do music?

Felix Jaehn: I would have gone down a business career path, but I think I would’ve realized quite soon that it’s not the right thing for me to do because I would have done it just because that’s what my parents do.

And if music [does not] work out anymore at some point, which I don’t believe (so) because I’m doing great, and I have so much music coming up, and I don’t want to stop. But I would like to become a youth care worker at some point, and just work with kids and hopefully inspire them and share my values and all of that.

2017, Sorry, 2019 And Beyond.

Adam Turner: That’s fantastic! That’s Take 5, now tell me, what is 2017 (look like)? You’ve got a track out of the moment…

Felix Jaehn: 2017? Is that your time-machine vibes still going on [laughs].

Adam Turner: I don’t know why I did that, what is ….

Felix Jaehn: Why would you like to go back to 2017? What happened that year that you love it so, so much? [laughs]

Adam Turner: That year was quite good for me. I was happy with that (year)…. 2019, what’s going on for you this year?

Felix Jaehn: It’s a lot of music basically. Like last year… everybody always says line [laughs].

Adam Turner: Yeah, they do.

Felix Jaehn: But last year [I was] songwriting so, so much. I’ve been to L.A. for two weeks, London two weeks, Stockholm two weeks. I do songwriting camps at my little village in Germany and I invite songwriters to come over.

And, what’s new for me? I’m also co-writing all the songs and I’m involved with (lyrically). Even though I’m a DJ-producer, I try to make the songs as personal as possible. So, my next single is going to be about self-love for example. All those things that [were] going on in my head growing up […] I try to bring them into my songs and share the vibes.

He’ll Be Back.

Adam Turner: Fantastic, that sounds great. Are you going on the road? Are you deejaying? [Where] are you playing?

Felix Jaehn: Yeah, I’m playing a lot. I’m actually going to Dubai next week, then it’s Tokyo, Bali coming up. A lot of European shows, then there’s actually some U.S. shows confirmed already as well: San Francisco, Las Vegas. And in September, we just blocked off the entire month to do a U.S. Tour. I’m going to be here all September and I’m going to try to go everywhere!

Adam Turner: Fantastic! It sounds like you’ve got a crazy 2019.

Felix Jaehn: Yeah, it’s going to be big.

Adam Turner: Yeah, it sounds great! Felix, thank you so much for joining us in the Nexus Lounge, have a great Miami, and I will come and ….are you spinning this week?

Felix Jaehn: No, I don’t have another show coming up here.

Adam Turner: Did you play already?

Felix Jaehn: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Adam Turner: Damn! I missed it.

Felix Jaehn: But we’ll be back!

The interview.