♫ Fenix Reveals he can Also Sing and Play Guitar ♫

Alexander Mamonov otherwise known as Fenix is a Russian Electronic-Dance DJ and producer.

Mamonov first discovered dance in the Moscow club scene after witnessing a live DJ performance when he was just sixteen years old. Since then, has been producing, collaborating with top-notch DJs and touring all around the world.

During our red-carpet interview, discusses his hot new single featuring Reiss Harrison Burn The World Down. He also hinted at his upcoming single featuring a female vocalist but declined to provide much detail about it just yet.

Being the all-around-musician that he is, also reveals that that he went through school and knows how to play an array of musical instruments.

“I prefer to play with live instruments, of course there’s going to be bass and house and vocals every time but I went to school for the guitar. I play in the studio with the keyboard because that is the main instrument for dance music. However, I prefer to play on the guitar…next time I’ll bring my guitar.”

We look forward to an acoustic performance by next time he’s in town.  Fenix also shared a special message for his fans. Listen to the complete below to hear it. ↓

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