Ferreck Dawn #ADE 2017

We interviewed the day after he played a late set and was then kept awake by his newborn child. Even though that craziness, fatherhood is going pretty well for Ferreck because his studio is at home.  “During the week, I see him every hour if I want to,” but on the weekends he doesn’t see him a lot.  “That’s a small price to pay if you can balance it like this.”

That same balance exists with the Ferreck is inspired to create.  His big commercial records (“Love Too Deep,” “Man Enough,” “Sublime”) are balanced by his deeper club tracks.  Ferreck’s brilliant rework of Oumou Sangare’s “Yala” was inspired by his love of African music.  His memories of clubbing in Belgium as a teenager inspired him to remix “Violin de la Nuit” by Systematic Parts. The latter became Ferreck’s first that the original artist had ever approved.

Not surprisingly, despite his lack of sleep, Ferreck was in great spirits; that’s just the kind of guy he is.   is one of his favorite times of they year because he loves randomness, and everyone “you bump into on the streets.”  We also chatted about how digital friendships develop, his love of potato chips, and why he can’t live without his neck pillow.

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