Feyer: Stuck in a Video Game.

DJ and producer Feyer is a multi-talented human being; He is an audiobook engineer; He’s a sound designer and audio engineering; He’s also a writer, singer, and producer. Though he doesn’t like to stalk other artists on Instagram, he does admire Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes for the way she completes her musical projects from start to finish.

“Stuck In A Video Game” was a big buzz track for Feyer. When he released the track “people said […] that my music sounds like it belongs in a video game.” For that reason, he decided to be “more on the nose” with “Stuck In a Video Game,” which is a “metaphor for life and how we’re always trying to level up.”

Feyer is constantly leveling-up his real-life networking game too! His friends and collaborators Karel & Xojani introduced him to Country Club Martini Crew which has led him to several planned collaborations in the near future.

When asked who his dream collaboration would be with, Feyer said he would love to sing vocals on a Steve Aoki track, and also produce a record for songstress Dua Lipa

This is Take5 with Feyer!

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