Filatov and Karas #ADE 2017

Along with Arty, Bobina, and Denis First, the duo of Filatov & Karas are leading the charge of Russian DJs around the world.   Their remix of Imany’s “Don’t Be So Shy” exploded into an international hit, becoming certified diamond and multiplatinum in many territories.  They were surprised by the success, thinking that it was “cool” and “could be a local hit” but didn’t think it would be a global phenomenon.

Their work ethic is intense as they release singles and remixes at quite a clip.  Their cover of “Tell It To My Heart” started off as a project for a singer but the project got trashed.  They kept it as a demo and when they were traveling in Eastern Europe, a Polish manager heard it and “said to go with it.”  To say it “went quite well” is an understatement, especially when the video has more than 35 million hits on YouTube.

Chatting with Filatov & Karas was quite fun as we dove into their epic remix of Armin Van Buuren’s “I Need You,” being their own manager, and their love of chocolate ice cream.  They also ended with some great advice – “Don’t be a fan of the people, be a fan of the music.”  Truer words have never been spoken.

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