Firebeatz Worked on Calvin Harris’ New Album

Firebeatz joined us at the Big Joe® Nexus Radio Lounge, for Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference 2018.

The Dutch musical duo, consisting of Tim Benjamin Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar was formed in 2008 and have released many dance floor hits like “Helicopter” and “Dear New York.” They have worked on numerous remixes and collaborations alongside popular acts such as Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix.

The group discuss their latest projects and achievements with Todd Michaels, which included the launch of their new label Ignite Recordings:

“We got the launch of our own label, which was a big step in our career. The collab we did with Calvin Harris on his album was also huge… we did one with Tiesto on his album and Martin Garrix. Last year, we did the main stage for the first time and that was insane for us”

To learn more about Firebeatz, including which songs they would listen to on repeat for their lives, famous people they would invite to a dinner party, and how they came up with the name ‘Firebeatz, listen to the full interview below!

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