Flashback: How Lasgo wrote “Something” that Changed their Lives


Flashback: How Lasgo wrote “Something” that Changed their Lives

While they indeed weren’t a one-hit-wonder, there’s one track that people will always think of first when they think of Lasgo: “Something.” In 2001, the track saw quick success, reaching number five in the Belgian and number four in the UK Singles Chart. It was later released on the band’s debut album Some Things charted across Belgium, Finland, Germany, the UK, and the US.

So, it was popular in the international market, it was selling good numbers, and the band we’re seeing their first taste of success, but those aren’t the only reasons this track is unique to them.

Speaking in an with the YouTube channel Muzikxpress, Peter Luts clarified how much this song changed the band’s trajectory. “At that time,” says Luts, “everything was MIDI–there were no audio plugins. In 2001 it was not like that.”

Astonishingly, they managed to put the track together in just four hours. As Luts puts it, the lyrics were written by Dave McCullen during a bathroom break. “We worked together, he goes to the toilet, and ten minutes later, he comes back with the lyrics.”
Once they’d written the song, they needed a singer, and that’s where Evi Goffin came into the picture. One phone call later, a few musicians working out of a bedroom were a band.
The name Lasgo came from David McCullen’s love of Scotland–where he has some family. So they took Glasgow, removed the first and last letters, and had a name.
The record company was initially reluctant to release the track because of concerns that the Belgian Dance market was dying. Still, the moment they got into the hands of DJs, it was a different story. The DJs loved the song and wanted to know where it came from, and the rest was history.

The song was viral, but more than that, it was the beginning of a career for these young musicians. It was their breakout track, and in that regard, it changed their lives.

After the song’s release, and in response to its growing popularity in the European markets, a music video for “Something” was recorded in Prague Railways Station.

The Music video predominantly features singer Evi Goffin though the other two band members make appearances. The video also appears to flesh out the song, implying lost love and reunion themes.
In 2008, Evi Goffin left the band to focus full-time on being a mother. In 2013, the song was re-released with vocals from her replacement Jelle Van Dael and British singer Taylor Jones.

There are notable changes between the 2013 and 2008 versions of the song. For the re-release, the tempo was increased, and a bridge was added to the music, allowing Jones to incorporate his style into the track. Interestingly, one of the least notable changes is in the main vocals. Aside from the increased tempo, Van Dael’s vocals are almost indistinguishable from Goffin’s, showing an absolute loyalty to her original–and iconic–performance.

In the twenty years since “Something” was first released, Lasgo’s line-up has changed, and the band members have each established themselves within the industry. Nonetheless, their early work remains their most popular.

So no, as we began by saying, Lasgo certainly isn’t a one-hit-wonder. They still have their dedicated fans, and they’ve put out lots of other popular music, but they will always be associated with this fantastic song for many. It’s the track that changed their lives, and it’s the track that introduced the world to a remarkable set of musicians.

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