Forget Pineapple on Pizza, Italian DJ Lollow Just Dropped Hints at Upcoming Collab and Major Changes in Label

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DJ Lollow made a grand entrance from the heart of Rome to spice up the Lee Jeans pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He talked about his first ADE experience, dropped hints about some fresh tunes in the pipeline, and dove headfirst into the joyous vibes of our Take 5 series!

Hailing from the sunny region of Apulia, Rome-based producer Lollow has been causing quite a stir in the music scene. He began his musical journey in the Eternal City, swiftly becoming the resident DJ at clubs and unleashing his artistic and professional prowess from behind the decks. Fueled by curiosity, creativity, and boundless enthusiasm, Lollow always seeks inspiration and fresh vibes to infuse into his DJ sets and music productions.

Today, Lollow has evolved his musical style into a delightful blend of groovy house with a dash of Latin flair. This fusion is particularly evident in his recent remixes of Marco Lys’s “Brighter Days” and MauroMBS’s

"Philosophy of Dance." While he tantalizingly teased us with hints about upcoming projects, he kept the details under wraps, leaving us eagerly anticipating what's next. In his own words, "I'm making a collaboration, and I signed with a new label. This new track is a collaboration with an Italian artist; his style is great."

 Aside from this, the Italian DJ recently performed in Amsterdam for the first time, where he received a warm reception and had the crowd going wild during his Origami Showcase in Amsterdam Dance Event 2023. He shared his experience during the ADE, saying, “It’s a great opportunity, of course, to make connections and share opinions on different views about different styles.”


Adding a touch of humor to the conversation, Lollow, proudly embracing his Italian roots, playfully revealed his culinary preference by expressing his hate for the strange combination of pineapple on pizza. This light-hearted revelation adds personality to Lollow’s character, showcasing his authenticity and connection to the rich tapestry of Italian food culture.

ITo learn more about Lollow, including how his musical tastes changed over time, listen to our full interview below!

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