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In the pulsating heart of the EDM scene, rising star FORTELLA recently graced the Nexus Lounge at the Lee Pop-Up Studio, where she dished out vibrant emotions and shared her journey as a female DJ and producer. The interview shed light on the spirited artist’s background, inspirations, and the unique blend of elements that define her electrifying music.

In an industry often dominated by male counterparts, FORTELLA stands out as a beacon of empowerment, infusing the dance floor with a generation’s highs and lows. With tracks that echo the adrenaline of an exhilarating lifetime, she has garnered over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify within just a few months of her single debut, ‘Get Up Off the Floor.’


The interview delved into the eclectic mix that shapes FORTELLA’s identity. A background in martial arts, experience as a stuntwoman in film productions, scuba diving adventures, and a profound sense of spirituality all contribute to the dynamic persona she brings to the EDM stage. Raised in the UK, her journey began living above a London nightclub, where the pulsating beats and energetic ambiance sparked her purpose – to make people dance.

FORTELLA’s musical journey took flight after witnessing live performances by influential artists like Hannah Wants. The allure of the crowd, the beats, the lights, and the energy ignited her passion to create music that moves people. Her debut single, ‘Get Up Off the Floor,’ and a remix of JJ’s ‘Still (I Got Summer On My Mind)’ swiftly gained traction, amassing millions of streams on Spotify and establishing her as a promising artist in the EDM scene.


Named after the Norwegian expression ‘å fortelle,’ meaning ‘to tell,’ FORTELLA embodies the constant narrative of her journey. Her houseboat in the outskirts of London serves as a unique studio where she translates personal memories and struggles into tunes that resonate with power and optimism, encouraging listeners to dance away the negative.

FORTELLA’s confidence and energy have not gone unnoticed, earning her a place under the wing of Virgin Records. Sharing the stage at the Universal Inside 2022 with industry giants like Afrojack and Felix Jaehn, she continues to challenge stereotypes of gender and roles.

As she tirelessly produces new tracks, FORTELLA remains an artist to watch. The Nexus Lounge interview provides a glimpse into the artist’s dynamic personality and journey, offering fans a deeper understanding of the beats behind the spirit. Don’t miss out on the full interview – a journey through inspiration, challenges, and the pulsating rhythm of FORTELLA’s musical odyssey. Tune in and join the dance.


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