Frank Nitty: Unveiling the Beats Behind the Latin House Sensation

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In an engaging audio interview at the Calpak Space, Frank Nitty delved into his vibrant music journey, upcoming projects, and the essence of his Latin house sound. Hosted by DJ Ron from Nexus Radio, the conversation offered a deep dive into the creative mind of one of house music’s rising stars.

Frank Nitty’s career took off in 2017 with his breakout track “The Iberian,” released under Tom Staar’s label, Staar Traxx. This initial success was swiftly followed by the hit single “La Fluta de Habana,” which garnered global radio play, including spins on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio One. With endorsements from major artists like Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Claptone, and Bob Sinclar, Nitty quickly established himself as a formidable force in the house music scene.

Frank Nitty

During the interview, Frank discussed his career trajectory, which was marked by hits like “Asi Lo Grita,” which amassed over a million streams on Spotify. He also reminisced about collaborating with Erick Morillo, Harry Romero, and Dario Nuñez on a remix that shook the charts and further solidified his reputation.

Frank shared insights into his meticulous approach to music production, emphasizing his commitment to authenticity. He highlighted his use of South American vocalists to maintain genuine Latin vibes in his tracks, ensuring his music resonates deeply with audiences. This dedication to originality is evident in his 2018 EP “Latino Americano,” featuring the fan-favorite “La Noche,” which not only topped Beatport and Traxsource charts but also remains a staple in Spotify’s Latin House playlist, a testament to the deep connection his music forms with his audience.

Looking ahead, Frank revealed exciting collaborations with Don Diablo’s label, Hexagon, and teased upcoming tracks that promise to keep the dance floors buzzing. His latest singles, “Just The Beat” and “The Keys,” are already making waves, and more releases are on the horizon for 2023.

The interview also explored Frank’s life beyond music. He shared practical travel tips, like the importance of never checking in a bag and utilizing pre-TSA, reflecting his extensive touring experience. The conversation ended on a playful note with a ‘Take Five’ segment, where Frank spoke about his favorite soundtrack, childhood memories, passions beyond music, and even his choice of animal persona.

"Frank Nitty's dedication to his craft and his innovative approach to Latin house have made him a standout artist, continuously pushing the boundaries of the genre."

Fans are encouraged to listen to the full interview for an in-depth look at Frank Nitty’s fascinating journey and catch all the exciting details. Dive into the complete audio experience and discover what makes Frank Nitty a powerhouse in today’s music scene.

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