Fresh Finds: COBRAH, Slayyyter, San Holo, and more


Fresh Finds: COBRAH, Slayyyter, San Holo, and more

Welcome back to Fresh Finds, our weekly new release recap of all the latest tracks in the EDM space.

There are so many ways to discover new music—playlists, social media, newsletters, you name it. And while some might enjoy the digging, others might find the whole process a little stressful.

That’s where Fresh Finds comes in: my goal is to bring you the best new electronic music to one spot, week after week. Today’s edition will feature all my favourite track and album releases since the last edition of Fresh Finds at the beginning of August.

So, without further ado, here are some of my newest faves (in no particular order):

NOYSE – “Love of Yesterday”

This Italian DJ’s latest track is signature NOYSE, a delicious blend of future house and superb songwriting that shimmer with intensity. Like his sound? I’d suggest taking a look at his rendition of the Backstreet Boy’s “I Want It That Way”, created in collaboration with RAIDH, Mr. Kuy and NALAA.

Mochakk – “Jealous”

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about Mochakk’s releases that consistently manage to get me excited—maybe it’s the clever way he combines pop culture references with his signature techno house, or the textural variability of his music, or maybe it’s just his energy. Either way, “Jealous”, the latest release from this Brazilian artist, is the banjee banger we all need on our workout playlists.

Mene, Reelow – “Easy Man”

I caught Mene’s set at EXIT Festival earlier this summer and have been a big fan since. This latest track—created in collaboration with Hungarian DJ Reelow—is high-energy, percussive and features a shining vocal track that samples Gershwin’s “Summertime.” The second track on the “Easy Man” EP follows suit with a similar bongo-infused beat and infectious disco synth samples.

Slayyyter – “Erotic Electronic”

There’s no one who “subverts the thing while doing the thing” quite like Slayyyter, Los Angeles’ pop darling who last week dropped the third single from her upcoming second studio album, STARFUCKER. “Erotic Electronic” is every bit as sexy and sultry as you’d expect it to be, an immediate anthem by a pop girly for the pop girlies.

San Holo, Whethan, Selah Sol – “NO PLACE IS TOO FAR”

This sweet track from Dutch DJ San Holo is expressive, forward-thinking and, with lyrics like “No place, no time, no egos / There’s only heaven between us / We’re flying like superheroes / No place is too far with you”, highly feelgood.

Zevin, Jovonanovo – “Crna Kada (Remix)”

I met Zevin at Novi Sad’s EXIT Festival last month and was quickly taken by her style and commitment to artistry in the EDM space. This new remix of “Crna Kada” (trans: Black Bathtub) is hyperpop-infused ambientcore at its best.

Leandro Da Silva – “The Master”

“The Master” is a fitting title for any release by Leandro Da Silva, though this latest track really got me up and dancing. It’s the kind of track meant to be blasted at near-max volume through a good pair of headphones while on a cross-city walk (…or is that just me?). Classically house-y, “The Master” features beats for days and invigorating builds and drops that make it a pleasure to listen to.

Paul Mayson, Jono McCleery – “Hold On”

It was with a sigh of relief that I saw Paul Mayson had released his much-anticipated debut album, One Life. The record is filled with tons of feel-good, expertly mixed dance house tracks like “Missing You” (featuring Isabel Usher and James Francis) and “Can’t Trust The Way I Feel” (featuring Brodie Barclay). But my favourite is “Hold On”—it’s beachy, it’s light, it’s fun, and, most importantly, it’s endlessly groovy.

COBRAH – “Manic”

If you’re not yet on the COBRAH train, drop everything you’re doing and get on it. With bombastic tracks like “BRAND NEW BITCH” AND “GOOD PUSS”, COBRAH’s discography is everything you might expect from this punky, fetish-gear-wearing DJ and performance artist based out of Stockholm. “MANIC” fits comfortably within the DJ’s body of work—and with lyrics like “Go psychotic, hyper erotic / Little ironic, make it iconic / Make it our world / Make it and drop it”, COBRAH makes it known she has no qualms with who she is or what she wants.

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