Throttle Interview : Full Throttle Ahead

Disco through the eyes of a 20-year-old, Australian DJ is revolutionizing the sound for a new generation; to call him a DJ is an understatement.

We caught up with the young chart topper at an exclafter his performance with a live band at an exclusive Dance Event.  He played guitar and sang live with a band that was assembled just a few hours earlier.  What could’ve essentially been a jam session ended up being the most memorable performance of the week.

We spoke with him about how the inspiration from blogs inspired the new disco sound he used to fellow Australian Conrad Sewell. His “Digital Love” for is real, and when you hear his story about how “Throttle” came to be, you will realize that there truly is more to Australian dance than bounce.

whose real name is Robbie Bergin joins a new generation of EDM DJs under the age of twenty-five that includes Martin Garrix, Cole Plante, Danny Avila, and others among its ranks.

His latest track “Money Maker” featuring “Lunch Money” Lewis and Aston Merrygold was released by Spinnin Records in October of last year.

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Listen to the below to learn more about Throttle ↓

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