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DJ and producer Gab Rhome brought his A-game to the Nexus Lounge Miami at CalPak space, cranking up the party vibes. He hinted at exciting new projects and gave us a peek into his wild world in our Take 5 series!

Gab Rhome’s natural flair for rhythm, emotion, and groove sets him apart. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, he’s skyrocketed in the industry with his unique personal style and the infectious fun he brings to his performances.

Rhome’s groundbreaking, genre-blurring music developed when he started playing instruments at five, and he eventually gained recognition from big names like Pete Tong, Jamie Jones, and Mat. His live performances are electrifying, mixing percussion-heavy House with elements of disco, electro, and pop. Beyond music, his sensual lifestyle encompasses all forms of art—literature, poetry, textiles, fashion, visual art, and even cooking, sourcing spices and flavors during his DJ travels.

"I value doing things differently, so if it's following a road map that's been done over and over again, I'm truly against it. That's someone else's success; that's someone else's path, not a real goal. Just trace your own path through this jungle of an industry and have fun with it."

Gab’s releases on top-notch labels like Disco Halal, Club Bad, Anjunadeep, and All Day I Dream have propelled his global presence while keeping his artistic integrity intact. His gigs at renowned festivals and venues like Space Miami, Tomorrowland, Burning Man, and The Brooklyn Mirage have honed his ability to captivate crowds. Most recently, Gab kicked off the music festivities at Wondergate during Miami Music Week Day 1, sharing the stage with Rodriguez Jr., Floyd Lavine, and Simone Glad.

Gab Rhome

On March 15, Gab unveiled his captivating remix of Sia and Kylie Minogue’s “Dance Alone,” infusing his trademark deep house style with mainstream pop elements. This blend highlights his versatility, adding a fresh, immersive layer to the track’s global appeal. Gab expressed his honor in remixing these iconic artists, sharing his excitement upon receiving a text from them approving his work, saying:

"Ever since I was a kid, I've listened to both of them, and it's been such an honor to remix them. Because you know, you take someone's song, denature it, and try to make it your own like you never know what will happen. So, to get their blessing was truly a blessing."

In February, Gab Rhome released “Overconsumed,” his first song of 2024. This track explores the theme of losing oneself in the pursuit of perfection. It sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting year of musical exploration for Gab.

"There's this song with Booka Shade coming out. I wrote some melodies for it, and I sang it as well. Then, the self-release I'm doing on my label will be called 'Work It.' So we're going to do some Jazzercise stuff with it. And then another single on my label and more like another remix I can't speak about right now, but that's also very exciting."

During our interview, we couldn’t help but wonder what goes through Gab Rhome’s mind when he’s in a car. He shared, “I try to think of nothing. But honestly, I often end up imagining scenarios. Like, what if I get attacked? How would I react? And so I stopped thinking about that. Honestly, I try to take in the view.”

To learn more about Gab Rhome, including the 3 songs that excite him, listen to our full interview below.

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