Getting Down With Gregor Salto : ADE16

With tracks like “Damelo,” “Sambo du Mundo,” and “Colombia”  one would assume that he is either Brazilian, Colombian or Spanish. And although Gregor Salto does speak Spanish, he is not of Latin origin. The Dutch DJ tells us his name was inspired by his time in Spain.

We dove into right into his history, talking about his soulful house origins and his love of Todd Terry, Masters at Work, and Louis Vega which inspired him to create “Can’t Stop Playing,”  a song which has come back many times over the years.   “Rap Das Armas” by Cidonho e Doca, another song that Gregor recently brought back, is another song that we explored.

When asked about how he finds the music for “Salto Sounds”, his weekly podcast, Gregor mentioned how long it took to sort through all the music each week.  It surprises his followers that his podcast is often different than his live sets and he explained why that is.

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