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Gianluca Vacchi #ADE 2017

is like the DJ version of a unicorn.  He is so full of life, energy and positivity that he is pretty much magical.  With tattoos that say “keep going on dreaming – because life is fantastic” and “our brain wouldn’t push us to dream, if dreams weren’t possible,” he is a man who follows his dreams and passions.

When asked about why he chose to become a DJ so late in life, Gianluca said “ was always in my life” and “I felt music in my veins.”   He learned how to DJ from the assistant of a big DJ and “studied for several months, several hours a day.”  He now has a DJ booth setup in all six of his houses and  loves to DJ by himself 2-3 hours every day.  There are “only two routines In my life – music and training my body.”  

Check out his pictures and work on social media and you will see that he is in better shape than guys half his age. “If you want to enjoy your life over 50, you have to be in perfect physical shape or else you start to feel pain and tired.”  With all the extreme things he does like downhill motorbiking standing up and flying helicopters, you can see what pushes him “to live every day at the maximum.”

That infectious energy is probably what attracted such a huge following as well as respect from fellow djs.  Gianluca danced in the “Mi Gente” and ended up in the studio with Willy William. He has crazy love for rising stars Merk & Kremont as well as the legendary   Yes, the music is really in his veins, as are the endorphins from his three favorite things – chocolate, gym training and sex. 

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