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Of all the artists to break through in the last few years, TV Noise stands out as one of the most exciting and talented acts to hit the scene. With their pumped-up party sound and stand-out style, all the DJs are simply queuing up the play their latest tracks. We sat down at the Audionamix popup studio in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam, to talk about how things are going and what a recent change in their line-up could mean for the future of TV Noise.
When they started their professional journey in 2010, Jelmer ten Hoeve and Jasper Gelderblom knew little to nothing about producing EDM music – only that they had a passion for it. Nevertheless, in just two years, they managed to get themselves signed on with the legendary Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS, and they’ve been putting out fresh tracks and amazing remixes. In many ways, they’ve had the professional success every modern artist dreams of, but complications can arise even in a great career.
TV Noise
In recent months, the group has gone from being a duo to a solo act, with Jelmer ten Hoeve leaving to pursue other things. So naturally, following such a meaningful change, we were curious to learn more about how this might affect the future of TV noise.
For the time being, it seems fans have nothing to fear. Although it was “kind of a process to get going again,” it turns out that Jasper Gelderblom makes for a seriously productive creative force all by himself. With twelve upcoming tracks in the bank and recent releases like the instantly iconic “Turn It Up”, Gelderblom has once again proven just how quickly TV Noise can find its feet.

"The last three months have been one of my life's best-producing periods."

Perhaps the key to that success has a distinctive sound that fans can easily recognize, and one of the core pillars of that sound, says Gelderblom, is sampling. In his words, sampling is “the base of every TV noise song,” and, over the years, those songs have certainly found ways to get creative with the practice, with the guys even going so far as to sample a monkey for their 2018 track “808”.
Of course, you can learn a lot about an artist by looking at the artists they look up to, which is why we took a moment to ask which three artists TV Noise would place at the top of the DJ Mag DJ contest. His answers were Rüfüs Du Sol, DJ Snake, and Martin Garrix. All excellent choices as far as we’re concerned!
For more information about TV Noise, their work, and what it’s like to play at ADE, go ahead and check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview below.

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