Goldfish make electronic music that they write and produce. For live shows, they play their own instruments (saxophone, flute, double bass, keyboards). The South African duo seem more like unicorns than Goldfish.

Their playful yet subversive nature is perfectly displayed in the Mike Scott-animated video for “Talk To Me.” Coming into the dance music world, they were “disillusioned” that some of the artists they look up to “don’t make up their own songs.” They don’t DJ, but their biting satire of the fish vs dog struggle in the video is a perfect commentary on the superstar DJ world we live in.

Goldfish’s new album ‘Late Night People’ was released in October to massive fanfare. Personal struggles and a major move delayed its release, but these weren’t “stumbling blocks, as all those things made the album what it is.” As you listen to each song you will quickly realize that it was worth the four-year wait for the follow-up to the brilliant ‘Three Second Memory.’