Grabbitz is Defined By His Boots.

Grabbitz Interview.

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Grabbitz is Defined By His Boots. 3
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Grabbitz is Defined By His Boots. 4

Grabbitz has an unusually strong bond with his boots.  “They monitor my whole career, so they know everything,” he said jokingly.  His boots are so important to him that he wore a second set of headphones on them during this interview.   That may seem like a strange request, until he reveals the most ridiculous thing he would like to see on his artist rider; A “life-sized cardboard cutout of Shaq.”  

His true sensibility comes forward when asked about his favorite era; I “would do well in the hair Metal-Rock era, in the Freddie Mercury type of lane because that’s where I kind of see myself now.”   

The Ultra Records producer has been collaborating with many unexpected artists in the last few months.  “We’re making great art, and we’re making great music.  We’re collaborating with artists that have something to say.  That’s all I care about because I have something to say.”  

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