Grammy-Winning Artist Damon Sharpe Drops ‘Wherever You Go’ and Dives into the Story of Brainjack Music

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American record producer, songwriter, DJ, and recording artist Damon Sharpe stopped by the G-Shock popup studio at Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He teased upcoming releases, talked about his own label, Brainjack Music, and participated in our Take 5 series!

Damon Sharpe’s journey in the music industry is a testament to his passion and dedication. Starting as a songwriter and producer, Sharpe has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business. He initially gained recognition as part of the Guys Next Door. Since then, Sharpe has significantly contributed to numerous albums, amassing sales exceeding 40 million copies and garnering over 2 billion streams. As a solo artist, Sharpe has accumulated more than 80 million streams, and on Spotify alone, he maintains a monthly listenership of 800,000.

Damon Sharpe

At the heart of his creative endeavors lies Brainjack Records, a label that has become a playground for musical exploration. “Brainjack was this weird concept I had about a dystopian future. It’s like The Matrix meets Footloose, where it’s in this dystopian future where music gets outlawed, and therefore, we have to jack music into the back of our brains. So the concept is the music I’m releasing on Brainjack, whether it’s me or other DJs I’m signing, we’re getting into your brain and don’t want that music to go anywhere,” the DJ explained how his label came to be.

As Damon Sharpe continues to carve his path in the music industry, fans can’t help but wonder what’s next for this musical virtuoso. He provided a sneak peek of several upcoming tracks to be unveiled in the months ahead, but his most recent drop involved a collaboration with Liftoff Recordings. This time, he joined forces with the exceptional vocalist Viiq, resulting in the track “Wherever You Go,” whisking listeners away to a nostalgic and retro destination. Featuring an irresistible groove, inventive production, and ethereal vocals, this release is poised to become an immediate classic.

While Sharpe may be a musical wizard in the spotlight, his behind-the-scenes efforts are equally noteworthy. He produces fun content on his socials, particularly on Instagram, teaching aspiring DJs and musicians about the ins and outs of music production.

When asked what music means, Damon Sharpe answered, “Music is my life. It’s literally from production to songwriting. If I want to be teleported back to 10 years ago, I listen to a track. If I’m in a bad mood, music cheers me up. If I need to zone out and just rest, I know exactly what music to go to. So, for me, music is life.”

To learn more about Damon Sharpe, including whose musician’s hair he would love to have, listen to our full interview below!

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