Grant Describes Juggling School and Music

Grant joined us at the  Lounge during the  week to chat about his current touring schedule, his thoughts on robots and the inspiration that led him to become a producer.

Grant, who is formerly known as Grant bowtie, is a young producer from San Diego, California. Grant made his debut appearance on when he was just 16-years of age with his original track “Reach.”

Grant, who is currently still in school and about to embark on a multi-city tour- describes juggling with school:

“I’m still in school, still trying to figure out my life. It’s kind of hard being one foot in and one foot out when I’m still with and they are really helping me out and giving me all these opportunities but at the same time paying all the money for school. So, my family are always like what are you doing? Are you sure you should be just doing music or doing school, so it’s always like a struggle.”


He also revealed that he is heading back home before his multi-city uncaged North American Tour. To learn more about Grant, click play on the below↓

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