Groove Armada’s Andy Cato and Soul Clap’s Eli Goldstein Join ADE Green Program

ADE Green have lined up a mix of national sustainability heroes and global game changers for this year’s ADE program, including Soul Clap’s Eli Goldstein who’ll talk about responsible travel and climate action, and Groove ’s Andy Cato who speaks about his experience as a nature-inclusive farmer. There will also be plenty of practical stuff as well, both in plenary panels on plastic use and an exclusive workshop, dealing with circular material management.

The production of food has a major impact on climate change, usage of water and biodiversity. And, things need to change the way we eat to save the only planet we have. In this panel, ADE Green showcases the festival’s best-practices and discusses the insights and next steps to be taken in order to offer food to big audiences within the limits of our earth. With: Chris Johnson [ Founder Shambala Festival], Maartje Nelissen [The Food Line-up], Karolina Ryszka [Rabobank], Stine Eissen [CarbonAte, Roskilde]

Frequent Flyers; does DJ Culture have to rely on Airmiles?
When it comes to sustainability in the dance industry, there’s an elephant in the room: frequently flying DJs. How can you keep your environmental impact low when you pursue an international DJ career, book from abroad or organize an event in another part of the world? With: Eli Goldstein [Soul Clap & DJs for Climate Action], Bernice Notenboom [filmmaker, climate journalist], Job Sifre [DJ/Producer], Tom van Wijk [ Open Air]

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Groove Armada’s Andy Cato and Soul Clap’s Eli Goldstein Join ADE Green Program 2

Nature Needs Heroes presented by Timberland
Many successful either use nature as their main source of inspiration or have a close relationship to it as they seek for balance and creative stimulation away from the endless of screens and DJ booths. In this panel, ADE Gren DJs, producers, a professor, and VJ Heleen Blanken about how they study and observe nature and use this for their works of art. With: Heleen Blanken [visual artist], Giuseppe Tillieci aka Neel [DJ], David Rothenberg [professor], Dominik Eulberg [DJ]

If you don’t like the System don’t depend on it
Andy Cato is a well-respected artist and part of the renowned duo Groove Armada. During an in-depth interview with him we’ll talk about his journey as nature-inclusive farmer and what drives him to change the food system. With: Andy Cato [Groove Armada]

International join Forces on Circularity
Having to provide all the basic needs within a very short timeframe, are ideal testing grounds for circular economic innovation. An international collaboration is forming, featuring pioneering European festivals that’ll collaborate to design circular chains and co-create solutions regarding food, water, energy and materials. With: Harald Friedl [CEO Circle Economy], More speakers TBA

Plastic Promise; the next Steps towards responsible Plastic use
Festivals, cup-suppliers and drinks brands have collaborated within the whole chain to create a circular cup system at and to create awareness among visitors. What are the lessons and how could the system be improved and expanded to more events? With: Sam Feldt [DJ/Producer], Daniël Poolen

[sustainability engineer and journalist]

, Hidde Reinhard [Heineken], Natasja Veenboer [VP Awakenings], Marije van Kapel [Producer Friendly Fire]

The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art
In this panel, ADE Green will explore the different ways we can campaign through music, arts and events. With: Eli Goldstein [Soul Clap & DJs for Climate Action], Jayda G [DJ], Wessel van Eeden [Co-founder Raindance Project], Benjamin Sasse [Founder Meadows In The Mountains and coordinator tech and events at Extinction Rebellion], Martha Pazienti Caidan [DJ], Paul Reed [chief executive AIF]

Closing Keynote; a new Narrative of Sustainability
Mac Macartney will close off ADE Green with a one-of-a-kind keynote speech, providing a new narrative on sustainability. With: Mac Macartney [international speaker, writer & change-maker]

Seven Innovations that will change the Industry
Innofest invites green entrepreneurs to test their innovations at real, working sites. The seven most promising of these start-ups have been selected to present their innovations at ADE Green. With: Wilbert van der Kamp, Joris Petterson [E-waste Arcades], Peter Scheer [Semilla Sanitation Hubs], Roel Bleumer [Volta Energy], Jacob Bilabel [Everywh2ere], Laura Hereema [Giant Leaps], Rosa Huibers [Ongeremd]

Workshop: Sustainable Event Management
From simple but effective first steps to grand long-term vision. In this hour session, you will get a practical how-to guide for event organisers, giving you insight into how to transform your practice. With: Douwe Luijnenburg [Sustainability Expert Green Events]

Exclusive workshop: Resource plans and “Designing out” Event Waste
A guide towards a circular and future-proof festival, according to the well-known but harder-to-achieve mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. With: Leonie Boon [Expert Resource Management Green Events]

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