Guy Scheiman shares advice with queer youth


Guy Scheiman shares advice with queer youth

World renown DJ and producer Guy Scheiman took a minute between tour stops to do a quick interview with Nexus Radio. He talked to us about his latest projects, the proudest moment in his music career, and he shares inspiring advice with today’s queer youth.

Guy Scheiman is known for remixing artists like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and Lady Gaga to name a few. Guy has also headlined some of the biggest PRIDE events around the world including Madrid, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv.

Nexus: Guy, first tell us more about your latest project.

Guy: Guy Scheiman Music has issued two big releases at the end of May and beginning of June. We just released part 2 of the remixes for “Stand Up” with Amuka and my new single with Inaya Day “Special Love.” Which I wanted to release the day that we started Tel Aviv Pride (June 7th).

Nexus: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever given you?

Guy: Maybe underwear? I once got a tip for spinning at a strip club (laughs). I’ve gotten money and other stuff that I cannot mention during an interview (laughs).

Nexus: How do you maintain your incredible physique?

Guy: First, thank you very much. I try to maintain my diet as much as I can, I try to work out and eat healthy. I also have a physical trainer back at home who is amazing, I try to stay in Hotels that have a gym.

Nexus: What advice would you like to share with today’s queer youth?

Guy: My single with Amuka “Stand Up” pretty much sums up everything regarding the message that we wanted to bring to America, it’s more about the Trump administration. Be yourself, do what you want to do, don’t give a f&*k about what other people think. Enjoy the rights but also know the fight is not over.

Nexus: What would be your proudest achievement in your music career so far?

Guy: This year, I’m very happy to join Beef Tel Aviv (Israel-based event producer). I’m very happy that in my 14 years of playing all around the world and in different genres that I finally feel appreciated in my home town of Tel Aviv. It makes me very happy to have a residency back home.

Nexus: If you could have a dinner with anybody living of passed, which three people would you choose?

Guy: I would have dinner with Madonna, Freddie Mercury and Whitney Houston. I think with Whitney- it would be like what the f**k! Freddy Mercury – I would love to have a conversation with him about the scene in the 80’s even though that scene killed him. With Madonna- it would be more about her future projects, perhaps about how we can work together- even though I’ve already done official remixes for her.

Guy Scheiman is currently on tour with an upcoming stop in Seattle (Pride) on Saturday June 23rd and Hydrate Nightclub in Chicago on Saturday June 30th. Follow Guy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Spotify, Keyword: Guy Scheiman Music.

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