Hailee Steinfeld is everywhere these days, from Oscars after parties to the set of The Voice to NYC’s Kellogg’s Cafe for a National Cereal Day Extravaganza! You read that right: Wednesday, March 7th was National Cereal Day and Steinfeld performed at the cafe to celebrate. “It’s about time cereal had its own holiday!” she said.

Hailee Steinfeld enjoys unique cereal creations created by Kellogg’s®. Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss (PRNewsfoto/Kellogg Company)

She sat down with both Aol and Billboard to talk cereal, as well as her soaring career as a pop star. Apparently, her favorite breakfast treat is actually a combination: “This kind of happened by mistake,” Steinfeld explained. “I was at an airport and there were a bunch of little [cereal] boxes, so I kind of just got a bunch of them and put them all in one because I was really hungry. And I found that Frosted MiniWheats and Frosted Flakes make a great combo.” She added that the combo goes great with milk.

Steinfeld also talked about her time on the set of The Voice – she recently had the chance to work as a guest mentor and advisor, invited by none other than Kelly Clarkson. It was really a dream come true for the singer, as she’d been a big Kelly Clarkson fan when she was growing up.

“I was so excited when she invited me to advise her team, because what she didn’t know was that she was a huge influence on me when I was younger,” Steinfeld said. “When Kelly was on American Idol my parents surprised me and my brother with tickets to the show. I just remember looking at my dad and having him tell me that one day I would be on that stage too. It was one of those moments that reinforced my dream of pursuing music.”

She took a few tips from Clarkson, including how to determine where and when to add a little extra oomph to a song: “She knows how to choose the right moment to give you that extra wow factor without it feeling like too much. A lot of times singing is based on feelings, but you also need to be able to make smart choices and pick the moments of greatest impact. She’s someone I truly admire.”

Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see Steinfeld on one of her very own Voice swivel chairs!

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