Heartfelt Harmonies: Barrett Crake’s Music Weaves Tale of Emotion and Resonance

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Electronic pop musician Barrett Crake exemplifies the achievements possible for modern artists dedicated to their craft. Through leveraging the power of the internet and remote studios, he has successfully built a global network of collaborators independently without the assistance of a traditional label or manager. Crake has forged significant creative alliances through digital platforms, including partnerships with producers Nick Ribbens in Amsterdam and Mauve, who are currently based in Berlin.

One of the notable milestones in Crake’s career occurred with the 2017 remix of the timeless Corona hit “Rhythm of the Night,” a project that materialized through connections with fellow digital creatives. This dynamic reinterpretation of the iconic dance floor anthem involved collaboration between Crake, Deep Divas, and Sexycools, with production overseen by the original producer’s son. The remix has achieved remarkable success, garnering over 2 million streams and securing second place on Germany’s dance charts.

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Barrett’s personalized approach to songwriting has cultivated a dedicated fanbase drawn to his music’s relatable and inspiring nature. Engaging in a cathartic process of self-reflection through his art, each song is crafted to impart a sense of healing to his audience. Crake taps into his film background to provide a comprehensive narrative for each track, leveraging his skills to produce captivating videos. Remarkably, he often utilizes just an iPhone to transform each song into a multimedia art project, adding an expansive visual dimension to his musical storytelling.

As Barrett Crake consistently unveils new music, the worldwide community of hope-seekers and party enthusiasts attracted to his musical style is poised to experience significant expansion with the release of each fresh song.

Luckily, the American artist just dropped hints of a lot of music coming our way. “I’m signed with a label called AntiFragile, and they’re based out in New York. I owe them five songs, so I’m working on an EP, my first collection of songs, which I’ve never done before. I’m excited to dive into that. I have been releasing singles for the last five or six years, single after single. That’s why I decided to take some time off,” the DJ teased. Additionally, the DJ is setting up his studio in Lisbon, Portugal, as a dedicated workspace for his creative process. Notably, there may be a reduction in his social media presence as he takes the opportunity to reconsider his approach to music-making.

When asked about a job he believes should exist, Barrett Crake humorously suggested "Playing video games," acknowledging that people already engage in this activity. "And I've thought about live streaming. I'm also a gamer, and I love playing games. But I'm just focusing on music first, right?" However, live streams might become a part of his downtime from music in the future.

To learn more about Barrett Crake, including three people he would love to have dinner with, listen to our full interview below!

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