Here’s One DJ to Look Out for This Year: Andrew Pololos


Here’s One DJ to Look Out for This Year: Andrew Pololos


Andrew Pololos

Best known for 2018 single “Never Be the Same,” Andrew Pololos is a Canadian DJ from Montreal with over 10 years of experience performing at night clubs and venues around the world. Not only has he performed in Europe, Central America, Australia, and Asia, but his music took to the water: he had a residency at The Yacht Week Worldwide, a floating festival.

So far, he’s shared the deck with the likes of Tiesto, Bob Sinclar, and Steve Angello. His collabs include singers such as Andria Piperni.

Currently, Andrew is working on a debut album after releasing an impressive discography of singles and EPs. His latest release is single “All for You” featuring the vocals of Naida released earlier this year. The DJ is on fire with back-to-back singles, having released “Control” (featuring fellow Canadian artist JT Soul) a month prior.

To learn more about Andrew Pololos, including his musical goals for the year, read our interview with him below:

Q: Before we dig in, tell us about your latest project.

My latest single ‘All For You’ ft. Naida dropped this past January 15th! My homegirl Naida sizzled her RnB flair on my afro, tech, club house beat. It’s energetic, it’s for the after party

Q: What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten or cooked?

Crickets are somewhat of a delicacy in Mexico. They weren’t so bad.

Q: What is the first album you ever owned?

The Backstreet Boys. They were also the first concert I went to with my mother.

Q: How do you know when you’ve found a perfect beat?

When you still get excited playing it over and over and you can envision it rocking a party.

Q: What Is Something You Like To Do That Other People Would Probably Consider “Weird” If They Knew?

I enjoy a nice relaxing bubble bath, read poetry and brush my teeth 7 times a day.

Andrew Pololos
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Q: If you could bring one artist back to life, who would it be?


Q: If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?

Hell yeah! I’m always down for a little adventure.

Q: When did you screw everything up, but no one ever found out it was you?

I’ve accidentally stopped the music while spinning, which is a gut wrenching feeling as a DJ but the crowd just went even more nuts lol


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Q: What’s The Number One Item You Would Save From Your Burning House? (and what it means to you)

Definitely my hard drive with my music and productions. I’ve been collecting music my whole life, so that library is priceless to me.

Q: What Goals Do You Have For The Next Year?

One of my ultimate goals is to travel the world through DJing. I love to make people smile and dance, and I love to travel and make new friends. My goal for my debut album is to have as many listeners as possible. And hopefully things can get back to normal so we can all get back to doing what we love.

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