House Producers ManyFew Tease New Track “Power”


House Producers ManyFew Tease New Track “Power”

We were joined by Swedish producers ManyFew at the Nexus Lounge Virtual at theROOF at theWIT in Chicago. They spoke to us about the role of virtual events after the pandemic, their new releases, and new remixes, and they took part in our Take-5 Series.

ManyFew are a Swedish production duo specializing in energetic, vocal-driven house music. They are brothers and best friends Jacob and Victor Andersson. Dance music fans around the world first came to know their name via their stellar 2020 single “Off My Mind.” More recently, their single “Out Of My Head” has been shaking up the dance world.

When we first got in touch with ManyFew, they were making waves by releasing remixes at an incredible rate. They told us that “it all started with our single ‘Off My Mind,’ which was getting tons of love from both radio and DJs. Then labels started sending requests to us asking if we were up for remixing different artists. We loved doing a remix of Kelli-Leigh. We’ve always been huge fans of her music.”


They’ve also been working on some new releases of their own. First up was work on their new piano house track “Power” which will be out on Spinnin’ Records later this year. ManyFew made it in the summer, and they’ve been pushing it out ever since. House musicians teased that they’ve added a little bit of R&B influence into this new track.

They think it will allow them to work with artists from different corners of the globe. Few see a future where they’ll be using virtual events in the wake of the pandemic. Sure, nothing can compare to being able to meet up and collaborate in person, but they believe it will enable them to do so.

Also taking part in our Take-5 series are the House Producers. We first asked them why music is so important to them. They described it as ‘life’; something that can keep us going throughout the day and have the power to get us feeling the vibe of any given moment.

A second question was how they chose their favorite movie scene to be in. They talked about how much they love James Bond and how they love the scene where Piers Brosnan is driving a car with what looks like a mobile phone in it. It’s pretty incredible that these filmmakers could predict the future like that.

ManyFew also considered what the world would be like if it were only made up of clones of themselves. They told us that the world would be a happier and more positive place, although they accept that the world needs a little more variation than that.

ManyFew continues to release new music at an impressive rate. So be sure to listen out for their incoming piano house banger “Power,” which was released on November 5th. You can hear it by tuning into Nexus Radio.

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