“I Love Dance Music”: Eric Redd Talks ADE, New Album

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We were joined by soul (and Soul Train!) legend Eric Redd at the G-Shock pop-up studio in the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. Fresh off the release of his latest album, Life…with subtitles, Eric sat down with us to share his love of dance music and play a quick game of Nexus Take 5.

Eric Redd’s artistic history is as varied as they come—California-born and raised, Eric started as a dancer before transitioning into soul music. From there, the multi-talented performer moved into dance and electronic music, where he quickly found a groove (no pun intended), establishing himself as one of the more excited in the techno-soul fusion genre. He’s worked with Rod Carrillo, DJ Czezre, Dustin Robertson, and Danny Seraphine, having released four studio albums over the last decade.

Eric Redd

Energetic and self-possessed, Eric is an interviewer’s dream guest, happily sharing his life and the many places his groove-infused music has taken him: “I just did Ibiza, and I’m having a good time. I’m excited to be here.”

Surrounded by G-Shock Watches, the subject of time can’t help but come up, and Eric takes the opportunity to share a bit of his worldly wisdom. “My attitude towards life is you have nothing but time, that’s all you have to give,” he says, adding, “So, I don’t rush. I say, ‘I’ll get there to be my whole self when I get there.'”

Before he heads out, we make sure to play a quick game of Nexus’ Take 5 Series with Eric, during which he shares an encounter with Barack Obama at the President’s second inauguration as one of the most memorable moments of his career. Eric also shares a little about his transition into the dance music genre:

"I used to sing R&B and funk, and now all I want to hear is dance music 24/7. I love dance music. I love the people in It. I love the sounds, I love where it goes, I love where it's been… I'm excited to see where this medium goes."

Check out the full-length and exclusive interview below to learn more about Eric Redd, including his collaborations with Booker T and Hady Tarek on his new album.

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