Ibiza: Europe’s Party Capital


Ibiza: Europe’s Party Capital

If you want great food then go to Paris, if you want to see the sites then Rome is the city for you, but if you want to drink, dance, and party in a beautiful ocean paradise then it’s time to head for Ibiza!

Cultural Heritage

For many people in Europe, Ibiza is synonymous with clubs. In fact, Ibiza’s clubs are so famous that you could be forgiven for thinking that the entire island is just one big disco, but that would be selling it short. Ibiza is not only one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever go, but it’s also one of the most cultural and environmentally significant. From the renaissance walls of Ibiza City to the remains of the Phoenician Settlement at Sa Caleta, this small island more than earns its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Heavenly Hotels

As one of Europe’s most popular locations, Ibiza has just about every kind of hotel you could ask for. From luxury living at Ushuaïa to coastal eco-hotels, Ibiza has as much choice as you could ask for when deciding where to stay. But, of course, if you’re looking to save a little money on the room, don’t panic. Ibiza has plenty of affordable hotels for people looking for a bed and shower in between the non-stop partying
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Ibiza’s Iconic Dance Floors

Now, we could spend weeks talking about all the great clubs in Ibiza and still not scratch the surface, but if you’re planning a trip, there are a few places you have to check out.
First, if you’re looking for a club that’s going to be non-stop fun in that classic Ibiza way, you’ll want to head over to Amnesia. This massive, industrial-style club in the island’s heart is just a short bus ride north of Ibiza City. It represents everything people love about the perfect party location that is Ibiza. Since its founding in 1976, Amnesia has been creating unforgettable nights for anyone who walks through the door, and as its popularity grows, they keep getting bigger and better. What’s not to love?
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For truly grand, however, you’ll need to get yourself in through the doors of Privilege. Living up to its name, this giant club – with a capacity of 10’000 people – is built inside an enormous glass dome. With an incredible stage and lots of pine trees, Privilege is one of the most atmospheric clubs in the world. If you want to understand why people travel from all over the world to experience Ibiza’s clubs, then Privilege is the first place you should look.
Last but certainly not least, you have to stop by DC10. More of a techno dance club than a modern scene, DC10 has a unique, down-to-earth style. Built by techno lovers, this club is as much of a passion project as it is a business, and that shows. If ever there was a place built for people with in their soul, then that place is DC10.

The Perfect Get-away

And, of course, if you’re looking to break up your party with a spot of sunbathing, then you’re in luck. Walk five minutes from any club, and you’ll be greeted by gorgeous white beaches and spectacular blue oceans. In addition, you’ll find countless locations to sit back and relax in the magnificent Mediterranean climate, with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other. Ibiza is the perfect place for a holiday.

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