“If We Say Goodbye” Producer Taylor Torrence is Willing to Take a Risk

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Taylor Torrence joined us during Miami Music Week at the BPM Supreme pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Miami. Aside from answering our Take-5 series questions, he talked to us candidly about his creative musical process and where his sound is going.
Taylor Torrence’s success may make him appear as an overnight sensation, but in reality, it’s a story ten years in the making. Torrence, an LA trance producer and DJ has carefully carved out his unique sound, which appeals to a growing fanbase. In 2020, he released the hit song “If We Say Goodbye,” featuring singer-songwriter Natalie Major. The track was a significant success, amassing support from many prominent electronic artists. In addition, a flurry of other releases solidified him as one of the most highly sought-after producers and remixers.
Taylor Torrence

Even though Taylor has been working in the music industry for a decade, the last two years have been spent discovering and establishing his sound. When asked what’s next for the blooming artist, he explained that although he’s finally comfortable, he wants to begin pushing the boundaries of his sound. He isn’t afraid to take risks for the sake of his craft.

Torrence is creative and original when it comes to preparing his sets. He primarily plays his music or will mash-up and remix other artists’ songs to create a sound that is entirely fresh and unique. In addition, he often shines the spotlight on artists that have become friends in the industry. When it comes to deciding precisely what to play for any given gig, for Taylor, it’s all about going with the flow and feeding off the crowd’s energy.

"You have to have some intuition for what’s the right call at that moment.”

The electronic artist explained that he would often create several different pathways for the music to go and decide what to do during his performance.

During our Take-5 question series, Taylor was asked about the most memorable compliment he’s received. While he’s heard and appreciated comments related to his talent, the humble artist expressed that comments about his work ethic are more meaningful to him. “I have people tell me I’m talented, but that doesn’t mean much to me. So it really sticks with me when people tell me I work hard.”
To hear Taylor Torrence’s full interview and his surprising opinion on TikTok, listen to the full interview here.

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