Interview: AnnaGrace Hits Number One


Interview: AnnaGrace Hits Number One

IMG_0273Formerly known as Ian Van Dahl, AnnaGrace is a dance music group from Belgium. They had some massive hits that crossed over onto the pop charts such as “Castles in the Sky.” After a few changes in the lineup Annemie Coenen and Peter Luts have stayed with the group.

The latest single“Girls Like Dancing” is doing well on the charts and is number one on Nexus Radio this week.

We talked to Annemie when she was in town for a brief appearance at Roscoe’s Bar and Tavern.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) So go over the history of the name of the group.

AC: (Annemie Coenen) It’s actually one word but people think it is two words. The reason I changed it from Ian Van Dahl is because I was so involved in the project and writing all the songs. People didn’t realize who I was. Everyone was wondering if it was a DJ or a producer.

JN: People thought it was a man.

AC: Right and after seven years I was fed up with it. I decided it was time for me to create my own artist name. I want to be able to write and do the things that are in my heart.

JN: You are still working with Peter Luts?

AC: Yes, but I am working with different kinds of producers now. This year was for me. It was very important to me. I wanted to work with different musicians because I have worked with many of the same people. It was time to expand my horizons.

JN: You are originally from Belgium.

AC: Yes, from a small town.

JN: Are you still working in fashion?

AC: I have many projects but that is one of them. I can’t say much about it right now but in the future I hope to do more.

JN: Tell our readers about the new singles.

AC: “Ready to Fall in Love” and “Alive” are the most recent ones. I have been working on a lot of stuff. There are a lot of potential things coming up like the third single from a second album called “Girls Like Dancing.”

JN: Do you consider your music very European sounding?

AC: You might consider it like that but it is selling all over the world so I think it sounds more international. That is what I try to do not just focus on Europe. I want a sound that a lot of people can relate to.

JN: Where can people purchase your music?

AC: Now more people buy from the Internet. We don’t really release singles anymore because it is evolution. You have to go with it. I think it is a shame because I always liked to buy the big vinyls. Even the artwork looks much better on a CD. Now the artwork is in a little box on iTunes. It is a shame. I really like the physical aspect and the nice booklets.

JN: Are you on Twitter a lot?

AC: I do Facebook more but it is connected to Twitter. I try to do it but I am a very private person. It is not in my nature to Twitter everything that I do, only things that are going on professionally. I put things out for the fans but in a modest way.

JN: So lots more projects coming out this year?

AC: Yes, I am learning to produce myself. There is a lot of music that I want to write. I feel this is only just the beginning for me. There is so much inspiration coming for me now.

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