Borgeous Gets Lucky With ’13’ : Interview 2016


Borgeous Gets Lucky With ’13’ : Interview 2016

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ew artists have experienced such a quick rise to fame as American DJ and music producer John Borger, better known by his stage name Borgeous has. After sending shockwaves through the EDM community in 2013 with his massive breakout tracks “Tsunami” and “Stampede,” he followed them up the year after with songs like “This Could Be Love,” “Wildfire” and “Invincible.”During a recent interview, Borgeous speaks about his album, collaborations with various artists, and which actor should play him.

Speaking on his collaboration with TyDi, when working on ‘Wanna Lose You’, Borgeous says “It was good, it was easy and I love working with tyDi on records. We did two songs on the album, “Over The Edge” and “Wanna Lose you.” He sent a rough version of that song over to me and we went back and forth on it for quite some time and finally got it to where it needed to be. I really wanted to put that out as the first single but we decided to do it as the second single. We did the music video in LA and everything turned out great.”

When asked about his new album ’13’ he starts with how he started working on it – “I was just doing singles and it kind of all started to come together. About five songs in I decided that I was just going to do an album because I always wanted to do one. I decided to go for it and the next thing I knew we had 15 songs. Originally there were 13 songs but at the very end, I started working on a song with Carmen and then I worked on the Lil Jon song and I fell in love with both of the songs. I didn’t want to get rid of any songs because I loved them all so I just went ahead with 15 songs even though it was supposed to be 13”.

Nexus – When you sit down to work on a track do you think that you are going to make a certain kind of track or what is your workflow?

Borgeous: It just depends. For the Neon Hitch songs, we sat in the studio and lyrically put those together on the spot. It really just all depends on what we are doing. For the Lil Jon song I did the instrumental first and then I sent it to Lil Jon and then he recorded the vocals and sent it back. I didn’t really like where it was so I sent it to Riggi & Piros and they put their little twist on it and it turned out really good. It just depends, sometimes I work on the vocals first or I work on the beat first.

Continuing on his collaborations with various artists on his album ’13’ he had the following to say –
Nexus – I noticed that every track has a collaborator, why do you prefer to work with others than work on your own?

Borgeous: I would say that a feature is probably a little different than a collaborator. There are three or four songs that are just me but I tend to like vocal features. I like to get a different twist, you can put your own spin on it and then people can put their own production style on it and it turns out to be something that you normally wouldn’t do. I think that it is really cool to work with people.

Nexus: – Being part Jamaican what was it like to work with Sean Paul?

Borgeous: Sean Paul is awesome, he and his team are some of the nicest people ever. The first time that I actually met him was when we shot the video in Miami. When we worked on the song I hadn’t even met him. We got to hang out that whole day and he is super easy to work with and down to earth. He is a legend and his whole team of people are super cool.

Nexus: We also love Neon Hitch and we noticed that she is the only singer in more than one track, what about her inspires you so much?

Borgeous: That came about through my tour manager, he is really good friends with her and grew up with her. As I was working on the album he mentioned Neon Hitch and I was like oh cool because I loved her stuff. I started listening to her stuff a lot more and we worked on one track, she flew out from LA that day and we worked on it here in Vegas. She went back home and as I was working on the album she said to send her a demo of another song which was “Wrong Places.” I loved the vocals and was like we have to do another song together so there ended up being two songs with her.

When asked about his Borgeous show on XM, the producer shared how he managed the continuity of the show over a period of time.

Nexus: On your House of Borgeous show on XM, how do you keep it fresh doing a new show every week and where do you find your music?

Borgeous: All of the labels send out promos so I just sort through all of those every week. I also sort through a lot of stuff on DJ City and emails that fans send out and demos that aspiring producers and DJs are wanting to get out. I go through all that stuff and put it together and then I throw my music in there as well and try to keep it fresh and new every time.

Later in the interview, Borgeous shows his funny side, when he responds to questions in a lighter vein –

Nexus: – Do you ever get confused with Borgore? How about a collab with Borgore, you could call it Borg Squared! What would that sound like?

Borgeous: That would be funny. We have talked about working on a song together, I think that we might do it next year actually.

Nexus: When they make the movie of your life what actor will play you?
Borgeous: Ryan Gosling

Finally addressing his ardent fans, the producer says “Thank you guys for all the love and support. Let’s keep the album going this year and I have a bunch of new stuff that I am working on already for next year“.

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