Interview: Orjan Nilsen “Life is Too Short for Disrespect”


Interview: Orjan Nilsen “Life is Too Short for Disrespect”

Norwegian hot-shot Orjan Nilsen has been wow-ing audiences across the globe for over ten years. His musical footprint dates back to the early days of Armada Music with the 2006 release of “Red Woods” under the alias DJ Governor. Orjan continued to pave his own way in the following years with releases like “La Guitarra” in 2008, “Lover’s Lane,” “So Long Radio,” and his debut album in 2011 titled “In My Opinion.”

These days Orjan continues to establish his brand of infectious energy in 2018 with the release of his newest album “Prism,” he joins us for this installment of TAKE 5 to talk about the new album and more!

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Hi Orjan! It was great interviewing you during ADE last year! Tell us about your latest projects since then.

Oh so much has happened since ADE 2017! As with every year, I took the beginning of 2018 off from touring to recover and finish up my highly anticipated third artist album ‘’Prism’’. It was released a little over two months ago and I’m so happy with its reception. It’s not a typical album with similar sounding tracks, it’s more of a combination of many genres which people have been more receptive to lately- I’m very, very proud of it!

I was also part of a production workshop where I spent a week with fans in Bulgaria, teaching them how to make music. I felt great doing it and I definitely hope it happens again in the near future. I’m looking forward to returning to ADE again this year, It’s one of the craziest weeks of the year! 

If you could buy any country in the world- which would it be, and why?

I would definitely buy Norway and not just because that is where I’m from, but also because it has most of the things that I love in life– my daughter, my family, the food, my friends- and the fact that it’s absolutely beautiful- that’s just the cherry on top! Switzerland would be my second choice.

What is the craziest thing one of your fans has ever done for you?

There is a girl from Columbus, Ohio by the name of Amanda who tattooed my logo on her arm. She’s also traveled by herself in her little car all across the states to come and see me play live. She is the personification of #TeamOrjan and I can not stress enough how important she is to me and my entire team!

Tell us something interesting about you that nobody knows?

Before I came up with the alias DJ Governor, I went by the alias “Pus” which means kitten in Norwegian! (lol)
and even though I moved away from it a long time ago it still haunts me to this day! Especially when I bring people to my hometown. (ha ha!)

Given the current political climate- what do you think needs to change?

We lack compassion. Even the friendliest and outgoing people dislike someone and get into arguments with someone and I think we all need to learn how to respectfully disagree with one another. My hopes are that future generations will learn that yelling the loudest doesn’t always mean you’re right. We need to be there for one another because life is too short!

Orjan Nilsen’s new album PRISM is now available world-wide. Stream it on Spotify now!

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