Rising stars Steven and Jay of The HIM were en route to Las Vegas, making their way across the U.S. to play Lollapalooza Chicago, when they called into Nexus Radio for an impromptu interview from the airport.

The Dutch duo is expected to play a live show at Lollapalooza in Chicago this Sunday, August 5th, and they were gracious to take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to talk us about a range of topics.

Can’t make it to their show? no problem! Tune-in tonight for a special guest-mix by the HIM, airing tonight at 8PM Central time → http://player.nexus.radio

Interview highlights

  • Profess their love with the Barbecue chicken wings from The Smoke Shop in the city of Boston.
  • The origin of their alias The HIM.
  • They consider the synonym “The Himies” (like Homies) to call their fans.
  • How they linked-up with Jordan Jay for their new single “By Your Side.”
  • Their experience performing at Tomorrowland.
  • Love receiving feedback and messages from fans on Instagram.
  • Recommend their favorite food and attractions from their native city of Amsterdam.

Listen to the full phone interview with The HIM below:

Listen to”By Your Side” featuring Jordan Jay on Spotify!