Italian Rising Stars Joy Rivo & JTO Evoke Deep Emotions Through Their Music

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Two dazzling stars from this year’s ADE, Joy Rivo & JTO, added some extra sparkle to our Lee Jeans pop-up studio in Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. They swung by for a chat about their newest track and joined in the fun of our Take 5 series!

Joy Rivo & JTO, a powerhouse pair hailing from the vibrant city of Palermo in Italy, have been making a splash in electronic music. Jerry Galatioto and Giovanni Rivolo, who had been pursuing their musical endeavors for several years, joined forces in 2013. Since then, they’ve never looked back, quickly gaining recognition by captivating audiences in the lively clubs of their hometown.

Joy Rivo & JTO

Setting themselves apart from the competition, the duo specializes in a unique brand of techno that gives them a distinctive edge despite electronic music being their primary genre.

Joy Rivo & JTO’s music takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster, embarking on a sonic journey that authentically captures the human experience. The duo’s musical prowess is evident in their ability to evoke a broad spectrum of feelings through their compositions.

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Their most recent release, “Ordinary World,” out on Magnifico Records, skyrocketed to the impressive #3 spot on Beatport’s Hype Dance chart! “It is a very important track for us,” said the DJs.

Joy Rivo & JTO have captured the hearts of electronic music enthusiasts worldwide, spreading infectious enthusiasm and showcasing unmistakable brilliance in their craft.

During the interview, we couldn’t resist posing the classic question about pineapple on pizza, to which they responded with a touch of Italian culinary conviction, stating, “We are Italian; Italians have different food [but] no pineapple on pizza.”

To learn more about Joy Rivo & JTO, including three people they would love to have dinner with, listen to our full interview below!

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