It’s All Or Nothing With The Legendary Jes


It’s All Or Nothing With The Legendary Jes

This week at Nexus Radio, we had the pleasure to be joined by the fantastic artist, singer, songwriter, DJ, and all-around inspiration Jes.

Who Is Jes?

Jes is an international star with a unique sound we love to hear. Initially known for her work with Guardians of the Earth and later Motorcycle, she’s spent the best part of the last two decades stunning the world with her incredible solo career. Now she’s got a new track out as well as a handful of exciting projects in the pipeline, and, here at Nexus Radio, we couldn’t be more hyped.

Her Latest Track

The new track is called “All Or Nothing,” and we’ve made no secret about how much we love it. When asked about her powerful lyrics, Jes talked about how she tried to find an emotion that felt powerful and honest simultaneously.

“I never know what’s going to come out sometimes, but I definitely was in a mood - as the song feels - and I wanted to put a raw feeling into it.”

Her Songwriting Process

When asked about her inspirations, she was quite upfront about the realities of working as an artist, stressing the difference between working for herself and working to deadlines. “It’s interesting,” she says, “when you have to write something, and when you have the freedom to write it, it’s very different.” But, of course, like all artists, when she has to, Jes says she draws inspiration from the people and situations around her.
Melody and lyrics are the two elements that make up a good song, but most artists lean towards one, or the other, and Jes is no different. While she acknowledges the power and value of a good lyric, for her, a melody is what carries a song and makes it stick in your head.
At its core, however, Jes’s music and her process follow a piece of advice we could all do to listen to from time to time: “be true to yourself.”

What’s Up Next?

Of course, the most exciting part of the interview heard about Jes’ up-and-coming projects, and she did not disappoint. In the next year or two, we fans expect to get a collaboration with Paul Thomas, a new single followed by a full album (Memento), an acoustic version of “All or Nothing”, and an EP of more rock-inspired tracks.
Memento is planned to be a double album of half remixes and half new songs; meanwhile, it looks like the acoustic version of “All or Nothing” could lead to a more significant project. She says, “the ink isn’t dry yet, but I have an acoustic album I’ve been working on.”
As if all that wasn’t enough, she’s heading off to Vietnam at the end of the month and later to England. Furthermore, she teased the possibility of more collaborations in the works.
If you’re excited about this wealth of upcoming projects or want to know more about Jes and her incredible career, then check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview.

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