It’s Time To Go “Around The World”! – Flashback With ATC


It’s Time To Go “Around The World”! – Flashback With ATC

Eurodance with a touch of class – that’s the sales pitch for ATC, an iconic German group whose unique approach to pop brought a new sound to the millennium. Between their fresh style and deeply European aesthetic, ATC was at the forefront of a wave of music that helped to inspire the club sound for the last 20 years.

But how did it all begin?

Around The World

The Origins Of ATC

The story started in 1997 when the band met on stage during the German production of Cats. As four like-minded performers, they quickly found themselves gravitating towards one another, and when the production came to an end, Sarah Egglestone, Livio Salvi, Tracey Packham, and Joey Murray decided that it was time to take the jump into the music industry.

It didn’t take them long, either. As experienced performers, they quickly gained the attention of a pair of producers named Thomas M.Stein and Alex Christensen. Within the year, they were working on their debut single – “Around The World.”

An Iconic Tune

To anyone in the early 2000s club scene, the sound of ATCs “Around The World” is unforgettable. From the catchy hook to the memorable vocals, this track oozes that classic, pop-driven, unrestrained Eurodance sound.

Put simply; it’s an absolute blast. It’s three minutes of unforgettable fun and if you want to have a great time, that’s all you need to know. But, of course, we like to dig a little deeper here at Nexus Radio and examine what makes a great track worth listening to.

Complete Camp

If you really want to understand this track, the music video is the best place to look. Filmed in ‘99 in a tunnel in Berlin, the video is a barrage of saturated colors and leather outfits. It’s early 2000s camp at its finest, and with that classic filter look, it is a work of its time.

Not that that’s a bad thing. The music video for “Around The World” is the perfect nostalgia trip for anyone looking to return to the days of the dance renaissance. It’s fun, upbeat, and utterly shameless.

A Lasting Sound

While the music video might show its age, the song certainly isn’t. Although the instrumentation is relatively simplistic by modern standards, it’s the kind of timeless simplicity that it’s hard to fault.

It’s a sound that certainly hit the mark for audiences anyway. In terms of the charts, the song made it into the top ten for eleven European countries, hitting number one across another four. The song even saw success in North America, where the band would later struggle to gain a foothold.

ATC ultimately only lasted a few years as a band, but they left a legacy of two fantastic studio albums and a handful of excellent singles. These days they are primarily remembered for the success of their first album, Planet Pop, of which “Around The World” was by far the most successful track.

That being said, over two decades on, we here at Nexus Radio still think they’re well worth a listen, so if you need a flashback track, you should give this one a go.

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