"I’ve got my eye on Calvin Harris" [Luciana Interview]


"I’ve got my eye on Calvin Harris" [Luciana Interview]


The “Queen Of Electro” Luciana stopped by the Nexus Studio to talk about her new singles “Primitive” ft. Richard Vission, “Big Dipper” ft. The Cataracs, “Electricity & Drums” featuring Akon and her hilarious collaboration with Betty White.

The singer-songwriter has been featured in over 20 songs and credits her “cheeky-ness” for landing her first record deal at only 18 years old with Chrysalis Records. Luciana has already collaborated with some of the biggest names in Dance music including Kylie Minogue but there is one producer on her radar she has yet work work with. “I want to work with Calvin Harris, I’ve got my eye on him, yes I have, totally .. I just feel like he’s so musical as well as on point. I love him”. Back off Rita Ora! Calvin should be dating someone that actually loves Dance Music! (Just Saying)

Nexus Radio: Nexus Radio, the Future of Dance, and I am sitting here with the Queen of Electro, Miss Luciana. How are you doing, Luciana?

Luciana: I’m just totally loving that intro. Thank you.

Nexus Radio: Oh, you’re so welcome.

Luciana: I’m very well. How are you?

Nexus Radio: I’m doing very well. Welcome to Chicago.

Luciana: I’m happy to be in Chicago. The air smells amazing in Chicago.

Nexus Radio: Oh really?

Luciana: Yeah, there’s something about it. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me happy.

Nexus Radio: I just have a few questions for you.

Luciana: Yeah.

Nexus Radio: You’ve had such huge success in recent years and we were actually talking before we came on air and you had over 20 songs that you’re featured on, well over 20 songs.

Luciana: Yeah. That’s quite scary, isn’t it?

Nexus Radio: Well, it’s scary but I think it’s great too because it means that you’re very versatile in what you can do. When someone tells you that you’ve been on that many tracks, just featured, that’s not even including what you do.

Luciana: It freaks me out.

Nexus Radio: Does it really freak you out?

Luciana: No, it just makes me realize, God, I’ve really been doing it forever and I’m not 21 anymore which I’m actually really happy about. Because when I was 21, I was just like I didn’t know what I was doing. So it makes you realize that you’re continuously perfecting your craft and I just feel very thankful to still be in the industry and still be writing.

Nexus Radio: Yeah. Speaking of your craft, how did you get into the industry?

Luciana: I slept with a lot of men. No, not really. I got into the industry. I first had my first record deal with Chris Lease Records when I was 18. When you’re 18, you really don’t know who you are. You’re just copying whoever’s fashionable at that time. So I don’t quite know how I got the record deal but I did. I think I got it because I was a bit cheeky and so that’s what happened. I’ve been doing since I was 15, trying to do something and my dad said you need to focus on one thing, so I focused on that and some writing.

Nexus Radio: Very nice and you write your music.

Luciana: Yes.

Nexus Radio: Do you also write music for other artists that are out there?

Luciana: Absolutely.

Nexus Radio: Can you tell us some people that you’ve written music for?

Luciana: Yes, on the poster behind, there’s a poster of Kylie and we wrote a track with The Swedish House Mafia called… Oh my god, what was the track called?

Crew Member: Cupid Boy.

Luciana: Cupid Boy. The track’s called Cupid Boy that we did with them. And I just think the track is so amazing and when she accepted this track, I did high kicks around my kitchen table and cried because I’m in love with her.

Nexus Radio: Yeah.

Luciana: But yes, we write tracks for Kelly Clarkson and those are different types of artists.

Nexus Radio: Now, do artists ever come to you and tell you that they’re looking for a track or do you just kind of write it and they ?

Luciana: Yeah, yeah. Now I get… Oh my god, so and so wants to do Icono-pop so everything now is all about Icono-pop, doing the rappy, cheeky, I crashed my car into a bridge just that cheeky, quirky lyric-type thing.

Nexus Radio: Yeah.

Luciana: So I’m doing a lot of that.

Nexus Radio: Yeah.

Luciana: For other artists.

Nexus Radio: You’re featured on so many different tracks and you’ve collaborated with so many people.

Luciana: Yes.

Nexus Radio: I mean even like Betty White and…

Luciana: Oh my god!

Nexus Radio: It’s like total end of the spectrum [cross talk]

Luciana: She was the best. She’s really dirty. Do you know that?

Nexus Radio: I know. I’ve heard that.

Luciana: Yeah, she’s got a very, very filthy sense of humour.

Nexus Radio: I loved the end of the video when she was feeding you cheesecake.

Luciana: She was Oh my God, you’re so skinny! Put your boobs away. She was fabulous. She was my favourite collaboration.

Nexus Radio: Oh, I’m sure. I mean she’s just insane. When you were working with her and you guys were shooting, how long did it take you guys to shoot that video?

Luciana: Well, she’d never sung in the studio before so she obviously always learned lines so when she was learning her part, she was acting to my writing part. She’s got the microphone here. I hooked up with a lifeline. I’ve got a big cash in no time as opposed to I hooked up with a lifeline. So then we all had to edit her so that she was all in time. She’s just like 90.

Nexus Radio: Yeah.

Luciana: Do you know what I mean? She’s just a total icon.

Nexus Radio: Yeah. Did you ever watch her in Golden Girls?

Luciana: Golden Girls, yeah. We used to watch Golden Girls, me and my mom and a cup of tea, cheesecake. I said to her on set, did you used to make the cheesecake? She said No, dear. We had someone do that for us. You’ve only ruined my imagination.

Nexus Radio: Yeah. Yeah, very cool. Well, let’s see. Now your new track, Primitive?

Luciana: Oh yeah.

Nexus Radio: Well, you do so many. Tell me about that track and the inspiration behind it.

Luciana: The Primitive track? So Richie Vision, we have a studio at our house. Richie Vision came around and was like Yo man, I got this Electro track. I’m super psyched about it. And then he played it out, as an instrumental. The crowd would always go mental for it. So he played it to us and I was like Oh God and the thing that came to mind was the word primitive I don’t know why. So then we started writing, a couple of days, editing, writing, editing and then we came up with this track. What was really nice was being part of something that was forward thinking because I’ve never heard this before.

Nexus Radio: Yeah.

Luciana: A track put together with Electro and dance. So it was different and it was really nice to be part of something different, because I get sent a lot of tracks that sound a bit like something I’ve already done.

Nexus Radio: Yeah.

Luciana: Do you know what I mean? Two years before.

Nexus Radio: For sure. I mean we have that in radio. We have that problem all the time.

Luciana: Yeah. It just always sounds like not as good a version of something that was good once two years ago.

Nexus Radio: What do you do in your free time?

Luciana: Well, normally I’ll say things like eating that popcorn and then trying to lose the weight the next day. I like to work out even though I hate it. But I do that to keep me sane in this world that’s so sporadic.

Nexus Radio: Yeah.

Luciana: As a writer, creativity is just always up and down. So I like to have something that’s constant. I like normal things, playing with my dog, reading, yoga, going to the cinema and listening to new music as well. But sometimes when you’re working in music, you just want to be away from that. So sometimes I’ll listen to classical or Latin music.

Nexus Radio: Wow.

Luciana: Yeah.

Nexus Radio: You’re kind of all over the place with it then. That’s very cool.

Luciana: Yeah, definitely.

Nexus Radio: You’re very eclectic in listening to your music.

Luciana: Yes. Very eclectic.

Nexus Radio: Is there anybody out there right now in music that you absolutely love?

Luciana: I want to work with Calvin Harris.

Nexus Radio: Okay.

Luciana: I’ve got my eye on him. Yes, I have. Totally.

Nexus Radio: Have you ever seen him perform or have you ever met him?

Luciana: I met him vicariously through someone else. But no, I haven’t as of yet.

Nexus Radio: Okay.

Luciana: But I just feel like he’s so musical as well as being very on point.

Nexus Radio: Definitely.

Luciana: So that would be my next person I want to work with.

Nexus Radio: Well, if Calvin Harris is listening, Luciana wants to work with you.

Luciana: Yeah, I’m in love with you.

Nexus Radio: So talk to her. She’s in love with you.

Luciana: Come and talk to me, Calvin. Tell me all about it.

Nexus Radio: So what do you like the best about being in the music business?

Luciana: I like the fact that I can wake up and create. I like the fact that I wake up and I listen to songs that I’m going to be working on that day and then I can. Well my voice is not as great at the moment so I can’t sing as well. So at the moment I feel a bit stunted. But on average, I’ll wake up and then I’ll create the next song that I’m writing. To have that freedom is a lovely thing and just to have the freedom to you know What do you do for a living? Oh, you write songs.

Nexus Radio: Yeah.

Luciana: Isn’t that lovely to say that? You write songs, then you sing them, some of them don’t happen, some of them do and then you go to perform them and sometimes people are singing your words back to you. That’s a lovely thing to be able to say you do for a living.

Nexus Radio: Oh, sure.

Luciana: Yeah.

Nexus Radio: Definitely.

Luciana: So that’s it. That’s what’s lovely about it.

Nexus Radio: Yeah. Very nice. So what do you have in store for us in the future?

Luciana: Well…

Nexus Radio: Because you’re releasing so much right now.

Luciana: I know! It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Nexus Radio: Are you just going to put like a whole album together and just release them one at a time or how…

Luciana: I’ve been thinking, everyone says to me, what’s happening next? And then for the last three years, I’ve been going, Well, we’ve got an EP. But actually the EP is happening now.

Nexus Radio: Very cool.

Luciana: I’ve also got a track coming out with Akon called Electricity and Drums and a track coming out with the guy from The Cataracts called Niles and I’m so super-excited about that. That’s called Big Dipper. So we’re going to put that on an album and then on the EP, we’re going to put new tracks.

Nexus Radio: Oh, very nice.

Luciana: So that’s going to come out soon.

Nexus Radio: I’ve actually already heard that song, Big Dipper.

Luciana: When did you hear it?

Nexus Radio: I just heard it today.

Luciana: Oh my god, yeah, because it was a free… Oh my god. Isn’t it amazing?

Nexus Radio: It is very good.

Luciana: We completed it just the other day.

Nexus Radio: I was like Wait a second. She’s working with The Cataracts? What’s going on here?

Luciana: I know. I’m so in love with him.

Nexus Radio: So who have you not worked with yet?

Luciana: The Queen.

Nexus Radio: The Queen?

Luciana: I don’t think she does dance music. Can you imagine The Queen DJ-ing?

Nexus Radio: Well, maybe she could do something like what Betty White did.

Luciana: She could totally do what Betty White did. I don’t think she’d be happy doing it though.

Nexus Radio: Could you imagine her…

Luciana: She doesn’t seem very happy.

Nexus Radio: Like having tea with her maybe?

Luciana: Oh yeah in the Corgis. I’d love a cup of tea with her though. We could have a chat about the Corgis and about British weather.

Nexus Radio: There you go.

Luciana: Yeah.

Nexus Radio: You should try it out. Contact her. See if she’ll do it.

Luciana: Do you know what? I’m going to do that because I’m the Queen of Electro and she’s the Queen of England.

Nexus Radio: There you go.

Luciana: I mean there is…

Nexus Radio: Two queens together.

Luciana: Two queens together. That’s genius.

Nexus Radio: Wow. If anybody wants to find you, I know that they can find you on your website, Luciana.com.

Luciana: Yes and then you go to my Twitter and Instagram and blah, blah, blah, everything from there.

Nexus Radio: All right. Well, thank you so much for coming in to the studio, Luciana.

Luciana: Nexus Radio, thank you so much for having me. Thanks to that gorgeous popcorn from Garrett’s as well.

Nexus Radio: You are welcome.

Luciana: I’m over the moon about that.

Nexus Radio: Anytime you want more popcorn from Garrett’s, just come on by.

Luciana: I’m going to come to you.

Nexus Radio: All right.

Luciana: All right.


Luciana – Primitive Music Video

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